February 04, 2008
The Links
Ovechkin's Dream Girlfriend List

Charlize Theron :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images
Well get to the Super Bowl stuff in a bit, but this item was too good to pass up. Washington Captials phenom Alexander Ovechkin told the New York Daily News that Charlize Theron, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba are on his girlfriend wish list. "I have to have the best," he said. Judging by the picture used in the Daily News' online story, he might want to look into getting the best dentist.
Still The One
The 1972 Miami Dolphins aren't wasting any time in letting us know that they're still the NFL's only perfect team.
"Transparent" Was A Winner
Vegas Watch -- who else -- recaps how some of the more outlandish prop bets turned out.
Premature Publication
How much will these books be discounted today?
Better Than Tyree's Catch

Bill Belichick :: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images
Every blog is linking to David Tyree's unbelievable catch -- and rightfully so. But we're actually more amused Chris Myers' postgame interview with Bill Belichick. Chris, you have our sympathies.
From Gisele To Ugly Betty?
Flatusyahu.com looks at what might become of Tom Brady after losing the Super Bowl.
Dial It Up
Did you hear how President Bush's congratulatory phone call went down last night?
From The Super Bowl To Super Tuesday
Home Run Derby provides detailed analysis of each candidate's baseball allegiance.
Today in Campus Clicks
Joe Paterno a hit on Facebook ... Wazzu football player for crazy prank ... Kevin Bacon plays beer pong at Dartmouth ... The Nick Saban Jerk-Meter ... The Longest Winning Streak in College Sports ... Video: Guy plays guitar -- with his feet ... more.
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Videos of the Day
The Worst Hockey Fight Ever
But the music's great.

Close Your Eyes And It's Steve Perry
Here's the best cover version of Don't Stop Believin' that we've ever heard. Journey needs to hire this band's lead singer ASAP. (Thanks to Adam Kinsey of Bloomington, Minn., for sending us the link.)

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