February 05, 2008
The Links
Before They Were Models

Irina :: Pamela Hanson/SI
SI.com's 2008 Swimsuit section launches next Tuesday, but thought we'd get the action going now. Some of our top models recently discussed what they did before hitting the pages of Sports Illustrated. For example, Irina (above) talks about her true love -- ventriloquism.
The 2008 NBA Oscars
Le Basketbawl combines NBA midseason awards with the upcoming Academy Awards for this amusing column.
From The Home Office...
David Letterman offered up the Top 10 New England Patriots Excuses on his show last night. Even better was Dave taking some shots at Bill Belichick before going into the Top 10 list.
Super Stalker
Mister Irrelevant's/Sporting News' Chris Mottram has put together a must-see gallery of the stalking he did in Arizona last week. Keep in mind: nothing was Photoshopped.
Eli Vs. Elisha

Elisha Cuthbert :: Peter Kramer/Getty Images
Super Bowl hero Eli Manning and The Girl Next Door star Elisha Cuthbert have more in common than just a similar first name. Rumors and Rants pits these two against each other in a tale of the tape. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Giant Bummer
The Sports Hernia has an inside look at what happened when Tiki Barber watched the Super Bowl, while LOL Jocks gives us the scoop on a conversation between Tiki and a former teammate.
Summing Up The Weekend
Ryan Parker has made two new videos in honor of Super Bowl XLII. First up is a New York Giants victory song. And then we have a diddy about the newest case of Spygate.
An Amazing Journey
Yesterday we posted a video of an amazing Steve Perry-sound-alike singing Don't Stop Believin'. Well, several of you wrote in to tell us that the singer's name is Arnel Pineda and that Journey actually hired the guy a couple of months ago as its new lead singer. Bobby Dozier and Gabriel ofSanta Barbara, Calif., sent us this CNN report about Arnel getting the job. Dan in Salt Lake City sent us this story, while Jon in Rochester, Minn., sent us this one. Lastly, someone who signed their e-mail "Arnel Pineda DOES sing for Journey now!" sent us this link to Journey's Web site that details the whole situation. We thank all of you who wrote in and we promise to do a better job of keeping up with our Journey news. We'll wrap things up by giving you this link -- Arnel belting out Faithfully.
Today in Campus Clicks
Which schools are endorsing which candidates? ... Offensive lineman gets Punk'd ... Iowa State student steals text book ... Video: The Best of Bobby Knight... more.
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Videos of the Day
Belichick Honored For His Work In Film
James Lipton interviews Bill Belichick. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

She's Doing Something To Matt Damon
We're really late on this, but we've actually heard from a couple of people who still haven't seen the following video that Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon put together for Silverman's boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel. Sadly, we've been singing this out loud since we saw the clip, and considering the lyrics, that's not necessarily a good thing. (Warning: Video contains strong language.)

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