February 08, 2008
The Links
Salma Hayek Wants David Beckham

Salma Hayek :: AP
Madonna held a charity event Wednesday night, and two intriguing stories came out of it. One, Salma Hayek bid $350,000 for a one hour soccer lesson with David Beckham. We think Beckham should pay to spend one hour with Salma Hayek. The other amusing tale: According to the New York Daily News, Madonna introduced her 11-year-old daughter to Alex Rodriguez, who invited the girl to a game. The paper reports that the girl was "underwhelmed," and A-Rod tried to make the save by saying "Well, bring your dad. He might get into it." Even after a monster season, A-Rod is still having trouble with that popularity thing.
He Might Want To Change His Offseason Hobby
TMZ -- naturally -- has posted the video of Pedro Martinez having a blast while participating in cockfight event. At the other end of the animal-rights spectrum, The Angry T has all the information, i.e. photos, of the contestants in PETA's "The Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door" contest.
Oh, Rats
We recently learned that 2008 is the Chinese Year of the Rat. But as Flatusyahu.com points out, 2007 was the year of the rat in sports. And it's using some amazing Photoshop skills to point this out. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Dodgeball, Crow, The Gel Bracelet Trend
What do these things have in common? They're just a few of the things that YourCycling.com is naming as Lance Armstrong's 10 least-impressive accomplishments.
She Handled It Well
When a male sports reporter gets harassed, it usually involves jumping in front of the camera and screaming profanities. When it's a female, as pointed out by More Credible, she gets a kiss and a hug.
A True Fashion Icon

Don Cherry :: Getty Images
Going Five Hole goes Mr. Blackwell and unveils the Top 10 Don Cherry Suits.
A New Drink For You To Order This Weekend
Gilbert Arenas recently revealed some interesting things to Men's Journal. For example, his favorite drink is a combination of half Corona and half Shirley Temple. He calls it the Agent Zero. However, we can't really describe the other revelation in the article. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
When Sports World's Collide
EndZoneBuzz is putting together a football team by using players from other sports. They have Yao Ming at defensive tackle. We would've put him at wideout and just thrown a jump ball on every play. (Thanks to Kyle in St. Louis for sending us the link.)
We Need To Get Serious For A Moment
We don't care if you like the show, don't like the show or have never even heard of the show. If you've ever laughed at something in Hot Clicks or if you've ever found something you thought was enjoyable in Hot Clicks, you can show your gratitude by doing one simple thing -- sign this petition to save Friday Night Lights.
Back To The Frivolity
Watch Eva Longoria frolick around in skimpy dresses.
Today in Campus Clicks
UNC's Biggest Party Animal ... The Next Erin Andrews ... Duke violation ... Looking at the suddenly laid-back life of Bobby Knight ... Juno, competitive eating to be made into video games ... Video: Duke Bus Returns to Durham ... more.
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Videos of the Day
He's Baaaaaaaack!
Last time we saw Hitler, he wasn't exactly pleased with the Dallas Cowboys. This time, Hitler takes out his aggression on the Patriots. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

We're Sure Their Actions Were Justified
We think those of you who read Hot Clicks while at work will REALLY enjoy this video. (Thanks to Stan McCutcheon of Calgary for sending us the link.)

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