February 12, 2008
The Links
Vegas' Best Friend

Charles Barkley :: Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Charles Barkley says he would've won $400,000 on the Super Bowl if he stuck with his gut instinct and bet the Giants. Instead, he listened to experts and ended up losing $100,000 on the Patriots. On the slim chance that Barkley reads Hot Clicks, we'll provide this link just for him.
Not As Good As You Think
Pyle of List comes though with a solid list of Overrated Overachievers.
If You're Eating, Stop
If you have the stomach for it, check out 10 of the worst soccer injuries you'll ever see. Warning: Some of these are graphic. (Thanks to Mike Abernethy of Austin, Texas, for the link.)
Let's Go To The Videotape
Blue Monkey Disco Party got a secret look at the infamous Spygate videotapes before they were destroyed by Roger Goodell. Among the things on film were Christopher Llyod's audition tape to play Eli Manning in a made-for-TV movie. (On a side note: If the above headline "Let's Go To The Videotape" means anything to you, you'll enjoy this clip.)
Start Your Engines

Ashley Judd, Dario Franchitti :: Gavin Lawrence
With the NASCAR season about to begin, The Big Lead takes a look at the sport's Top Off-the-Track Talent. For more of NASCAR's better looking people, check out Danica Patrick and Jeff Gordon's wife, Ingrid Vandebosch, in our newly launched Swimsuit 2008 section.
Before The Whipped Cream Bikini
The 700 Level tells us that Varsity Blues and Heroes hottie Ali Larter got her career started by appearing in a Philadelphia Phillies commercial. More important, they have video of Larter talking about this.
Game Time
The World of Isaac comes up with a great time killer for those of you pretending to work -- Name That TV Theme Song.
Music Links Sent In By You
Folk version of Outkast's Hey Ya (Chris at CollegeNews.com). Big and Rich perform AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long (Yves of Boston). Paula Abdul dances in an old Toto video (Paolo Rivera of Manila).
If we're gonna mention music today, we need to tell you that it's the 25th anniversay of Michael Jackson's Thriller album. Here's everything you've ever wanted to know -- and then some -- about the legendary album.
Today in Campus Clicks
Basketball courts that need renovating ... Rutgers, Villanova get screwed ... Exploitation Index ... The Best College Player Since Tim Duncan ... Celebrity insurance policies ... Video: Bobby Knight on The Tonight Show ... more.
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Videos of the Day
A Problem For All Of Us
Ryan Parker doesn't know what to do now that the NFL season has ended.

You Knew This Wouldn't End Well
Break dancing in the kitchen is never a good idea.

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