February 14, 2008
The Links
Best Sports Movies -- Sorta

Rounders :: Courtesy Miramax
Shot to Nothing ranks the Top 10 Sports Films From The Last Decade. We have no arguments with Rounders getting big praise, but we do find it amusing that poker flicks are now considered part of the "sports movie" genre.
Summing Up The Hearings
Simon on Sports uses photos to sum up yesterday's waste of time, a.k.a. Congressional Hearing. Meanwhile, the folks at Sportswrap used their Photoshop skills to imagine what the hearings would've looked like had the world's smallest bodybuilder been there.
Speaking Of The Hearings...
Even though Congress was taking care of baseball matters on Wednesday, SportsPickle tells us why we shouldn't worry about what's going on in the real world.
Getting Into The Holiday Spirit
The Angry T has gotten hold of some Valentine's Day cards that athletes sent out this year.
Al Gore Would Be Proud
Steve Nash is doing his part to save the environment. He's playing in sneakers made up of waste materials.

Nate Robinson :: Gabriel Bouys/Getty Images
BugeHoobs has posted the highlights of all 23 NBA Slam Dunk contests. They've even gone the extra mile of ranking them, too.
It's TMZ's World
We can't keep up with all the stories TMZ breaks these days. First we have Derek Jeter taking home a "mystery blonde." Shocker! Then, we have Fox broadcaster Josh Booty (he's a broadcaster????) getting tased after being arrested for DUI. Lastly, Nets forward Richard Jefferson is under investigation by Minneapolis cops for allegedly choking a clubgoer.
They Say A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Reader Deven P. of Toronto, was so excited by the news that Gary Coleman got married, that he sent us this link to a disturbing funny photo of the former Arnold Jackson with a almost-naked Mark Messier.
Prank Of The Day
Maybe we appreciate this more because we commute into and out of Penn Station, but this prank recently done at Grand Central Station is a must-see. (Thanks to Adam Reddy of Baytown, Texas, for sending us the link.)
These Make Up Most Of Our Season Pass
EW.com is calling out the 20 Most Appalling TV Shows Ever.
Today in Campus Clicks
Valentines Wishes from SIOC ... Top Five Babes of Women's College Hockey ... Knight's Next Move? ... The Beverly Hills, 90210-Duke Connection ... College Hoops' Best and Worst Announcers ... Video: Why Terrelle Pryor Will Attend Penn State ... more.
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Videos of the Day
Sports Video Of The Day
Wait, there is one last Chris Berman video to hit the 'net.

Random Video Of The Day
Classic Letterman as he takes over the drive-thru window at Taco Bell.

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