February 18, 2008
The Links
Who Reads, Anyway?
If you think we go over the top with our coverage of Tony and Jessica and Tom and Gisele, coverage of soccer players' personal lives in England is worse. The big story overseas today is that Cheryl Cole, estranged wife of Chelsea star Ashley Cole (who has been accused of cheating), has been seen around L.A. without her wedding ring.

But what we love most about this is the Daily Mail's Web site puts a picture of the stunning Cheryl after every two sentences of their story. Well done!

Cheryl Cole
Jo Hale/Getty Images
Nothing But Zeros
On205th takes the negative approach to NBA All-Star Weekend (and we love it) by presenting The 22 Worst Dunks Ever.
Remembering A True Character
JoeSportsFan and Home Run Derby are both paying tribute to Harry Caray, who passed away 10 years ago today.
Blogging In Style
Since we always like to point out the unique stylings of athletes, whether it's their hairstyles, clothing or any other accessory, we want to make sure you're checking out SI.com's Luke Winn's Style Archive, a museum of college hoops fashion. Speaking of style...
'Do Don'ts

Anderson Varejao :: Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images
Le Basketbawl is looking at some of the worst hairstyles in the NBA.
Punk'd In Philadelphia
The Phillies recently put together an elaborate scam to trick pitcher Kyle Kendrick into thinking he was traded to a Japanese team -- and it was all caught on camera!
Gaming News
If you're an Aerosmith fan who happens to play Guitar Hero, you're gonna be one happy camper. On June 29, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith will be on shelves across the country. The game will feature about 30 songs from the group.
Frisky Floyd
Floyd Mayweather sure likes to keep himself busy. The boxer has already appeared on Dancing with the Stars, and now he's involved with the WWE. The WBC welterweight champion appeared on last night's No Way Out pay-per-view and knocked out The Big Show!!!
Today in Campus Clicks
Pam Anderson and Kenny G support Pepperdine ... Student behind "Bring Bobby Back" campaign a hit ... Four-Star Dorm Room ... Bobby Bowden beats up Nick Saban ... Video: Ron Burgandy Interviews Tom Izzo ... more.
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Videos of the Day
A Valentine's Day He'll Never Forget
This marriage proposal at a Rockets game last week did not go so well. The key, though, is to listen to the announcers throughout the clip. (Thanks to Bryan Gottula of Ames, Iowa, and John of Rexburg, Idaho, for sending us the link.)

Valentines Day Proposal Goes Wrong - Watch more free videos
Random Video Of The Day
We should've had this on Friday to get you ready for the Dunk Contest. (Thanks to Eric Gartner of Saskatoon, Canada, for sending us the link.)

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