February 19, 2008
The Links
Big Screen Basketball

Rachel Bilson :: Mark Mainz/Getty Images
The amusingly named blog, Dunson Checks In, is comparing each NBA team to a popular movie. The Phoenix Suns draw the comparison to Jumper, the No. 1 movie in the country right now. And that works for us, since Rachel Bilson stars in the flick.
This Is Why Fans Don't Like Sideline Reporters (Except Erin Andrews)
So Craig Sager interviewed Steve Nash at halftime of the All-Star Game. Nash took Sager's handkerchief (great word to spell!) and blew his nose in it and then put it back in Sager's pocket. Did Sager address this? No. He kept asking questions about a game that DOES NOT COUNT AND IS AN EXHIBITION. Then he asked some useless questions about Shaq and Nash's sneakers. Ridiculous. How about addressing the fact that this millionaire just put his USED handkerchief in your pocket?
Flavors Of The Day
Flatusyahu.com puts its stellar Photoshop skills at use once again, this time to offer up some new flavors of Jones Soda featuring athletes on the bottles. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Turned On At The Track
Single NASCAR fans, this is your lucky day. A new site, meetmeattheraces.com, has been created to help racing fans find a significant other.
We'll Always Love Nadia

Shannon Elizabeth :: Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images
The new cast of Dancing with the Stars has been revealed, and three sports figures are on the roster: Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor, former tennis star Monica Seles and figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi. More important, American Pie's Shannon Elizabeth will also be on the show.
Cameos In The Squared Circle
With Floyd Mayweather joining the WWE, the Angry T is remembering other celebrities and athletes, including Karl Malone, Pete Rose and Mike Tyson, who have dabbled in the world of sports entertainment.
At Least They're Useful
TheJetsBlog.com shows us where all those 19-0 Patriots T-shirts have gone. (Thanks to Andrew Mitchell of Charlottesville, Va., for sending us the link.)
Frisky Floyd
Since the man behind Campus Clicks, Andy Gray, is a Boston fan and annoys many of us in the office with his trash talking, we thought we'd link to this piece that gives tips on How To Avoid Being "That Boston Fan" in hopes that he'll see it.
Today in Campus Clicks
Trouble in Morgantown ... Why is Oregon State trashing talking? ... Female grad student lives with 44 frat guys ... NCAA's Top 10 Small School Players ... Video: Bring Terrelle to Michigan ... more.
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Videos of the Day
Sports Video Of The Day
Here are some sample lyrics from this tune about Roger Clemens' "misremembers" remark: He misremembers this/He misremembers that/I bet he forgets trying to hit Piazza with his bat.

Music Video Of The Day
Here's the YouTube description: Music using ONLY sounds from Windows XP and 98! (Thanks to Chris Bouquot of Morgantown, West. Va., for sending us the link.)

Random Video Of The Day
Here's some advice on how to add another play to a pick-up game of hoops. Well, sort of. Warning: Link contains strong language. (Thanks to Michael Cusden of Halifax, Nova Scotia, for sending us the link.)

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