February 26, 2008
The Links
Oh, Canada

Tanith Belbin :: Franck Fife/Getty Images
We didn't know 90 percent of the women on this list, including ice dancer Tanith Belbin, but we enjoyed it anyway -- the 10 Hottest Canadian Athletes. (Thanks to Frank Sliden of Calgary for sending us the link.)

UPDATE: 1:24 p.m.: Apparently the site we're linking to above is having some issues. If you click on the link and the site is still down, then just check out these 36 photos of NHL Ice Girls instead.
Getting Married Will Make You Lose Your Mind
We all have those amusing bachelor party tales. Just ask my friend, Carl. Anyway, the point is, it'll be hard for most people to top this story: A man went to the racetrack for his bachelor party, got drunk, got naked and decided to outrun the horses, which ended with him falling face first into the ground. The best part of all this? There is video.
Pronunciation Problems For Paps
Red Sox Monster comes through with a great video of Boston closer Jonathan Papelbon trying -- and we do mean trying -- to speak Spanish while filming promos for the upcoming season.
Get Your Free Michael Jordan Sneakers
Complex.com is holding a "caption this" contest. Provide the best caption for a funny Michael Jordan/Magic Johnson picture that they have on their site and win a pair of the Stealth XX3s.
More Interactive Fun
Machochip.com wants you to vote on which athlete has the best mug shot. It's even providing a bonus mugshot that we soon may see.
The Best 4:46 You'll Spend All Day

Orel Hershiser, Pedro Guerrero
There are no words to describe this music video, titled The Baseball Boogie by the 1986 Dodgers that comes to us via The Big Lead. No. Words. At. All. And we apologize for the shoddy screen grab, but that's Orel Hershiser on the left rockin' the satin blue jacket and a blinged up Pedro Guerrero in a hot pink satin jacket on the right.
Congratulations To Chicago Bar Owners
Rumors and Rants is celebrating Kyle Orton's return to the Bears by showing us how good the quarterback is at partying a.k.a., drinking. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
All Interviewers Should Take Notes
This exclusive, hard-hitting, controversial interview with Will Ferrell is the funniest thing we've read in ages -- and not just because there's an SI.com mention. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Today in Campus Clicks
South Florida student removed from flight for being too pretty ... One school sticks by Kelvin Sampson ... Greatest Computer Glitch, Ever ... SMU is on a roll ... Video: Angry Kentucky fan ... more.
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Videos of the Day
Sports Video Of The Day
Dikembe Mutombo on $20,000 Pyramid -- sorta.

Music Video Of The Day
Here's an awful cover of Oasis' Wonderwall. (Thanks to Jared Freemont of Baltimore for sending us the link.)

Random Video Of The Day
The double entendres throughout this Dodge commercial were enough to get it pulled from the airwaves.

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