February 29, 2008
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Who Cares How Fast They Run Or How Much They Lift?

Megan Fox :: Scott Gries/Getty Images
At the recently completed combine, players were asked several lighthearted questions by NFL.com. Rumors and Rants did a solid job compiling the most amusing answers. For example, the future NFLers were asked, "What's the one song you hope nobody finds out is in your iPod?" Michigan quarterback Chad Henne went with Shakira's Hips Don't Lie. (Hey, even if you don't like the song, you gotta like this performance just for Shakira's moves.) Our favorite answer, though, comes from Penn State quarterback Anthony Morelli. When asked what celebrity he'd want to play him in the movie version of his life, Morelli said, "Sylvester Stallone. He's tough, Italian and likes to lift."
We've Always Loved Fine Art
If you've enjoyed SI's Swimsuit Bodypainting galleries, you also may want to check out Machochip.com's soccer jersey bodypaint photos.
Just When We Thought We We Out
Flatusyahu.com gives us a Photoshopped look at how the Roger Clemens saga would play out if Godfather author Mario Puzo told the story. Honestly, the link is worth clicking on just to see Andy Pettitte and Abe Vigoda side by side. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Jocks Who Try To Rock
Blackvoices.com says "As long as birds sing and fools fall in love, ballers will want to be musicians." And with that, it's evaluating how some of these ballers, including Deion Sanders, Ron Artest, Bernie Williams, Allen Iverson, have fared in their musical careers. (Thanks to Claire of Silver Spring, Md., for sending us the link.)
No Better Way To Kick Off The Weekend...

WWF Action Figures
...Than by taking MentalFloss' "WWF Action Figure Quiz." We only got 12 out of 14 correct.
If It's Good For Gisele...
Reports say Calvin Klein is in talks with Tom Brady about being their next underwear model. We wanted to link you to a YouTube of Brady parading around in his skivvies on Saturday Night Live, but it seems to be the one clip that's not on YouTube. If anyone can find it, let us know. We remember it actually being a funny clip between him and Tina Fey.

Update, 10:41 a.m.: That didn't take long. Big props and thanks to Mark Mayes of Berwyn, Pa., who came through with the link of the skit. (Warning: Link contains strong language -- and Brady in tighty-whities)
Competition Is Always A Good Thing
It seems that NASCAR has its own version of Erin Andrews.
We Won't Stop Until It's Renewed
It's time to remind you that Friday Night Lights needs to be saved. The latest person to chime in with his thoughts on this is SI.com's Andy Staples, who played high school football with the man who plays Jason Street, a.k.a., Scott Porter.
Today in Campus Clicks
Michigan Coach Throws Epic Fit ... College Hoops Coaches and Their Wives ... Worst Halftime Shows Ever ... Arizona Fans Throw Water on the Court ... The 12 Greenest Cars ... Video: Dancing prisoners ... more.
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Videos of the Day
Sports Video Of The Day
With the calendar turning to March on Saturday, we thought there'd be no better way to get fired up for March Madness than by giving you three minutes and 48 seconds of Gus Johnson screaming like a madman.

Random Video Of The Day
You go to check out Hot Clicks on your computer and the next thing you know someone is trying to shoot you.

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Music Video Of The Day
Since we mentioned Hips Don't Lie at the top, we thought we'd give you this cover of the song done by The Fray.

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