March 03, 2008
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Boston Boogies

Kelly Monaco :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
You never like to mock anyone who did a good thing for charity, but in this case it can't be helped. The Red Sox recently held something called "Dancing with the All-Stars" at a benefit for the Mike Lowell Foundation. Jonathan Papelbon (wearing a sequined shirt), Dustin Pedroia (wearing no shirt) and Jason Varitek each showed off some interesting moves, and luckily for us, OutInCenterfield has photos and video. Oh, and we figured the Kelly Monaco picture works here since a) she won the first season of Dancing with the Stars, b) Papelbon turned down an offer to be on DWTS and c) she's hot.
Expect The Unexpected At The Ballpark
From a bunt triple to killing a bird with a pitch, is looking at the Top 10 Baseball Oddities.
Admit It, He'd Help
Will Ferrell signs with the Knicks? (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Pie, Oh My
Cubs outfielder Felix Pie is sidelined with an injury that really can't be described here. (Warning: Link contains strong language).
Questionable Career Choice

Jay Leno :: AP
Floyd Mayweather's upcoming Wrestlemania match against The Big Show has Pyle of List is looking back at the Strangest Celebrity Wrestling Appearances. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
A Tale Of Two Teams
Here's one of the more amazing sites we've seen in a while. has compiled about billion quotes from all types of media members regarding the Giants and Patriots starting with last offseason (when most people were calling for Tom Coughlin to be fired) through the aftermath of the Super Bowl.
Light On Their Feet is looking at The 10 Nimblest Movie Fat Guys. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Today in Campus Clicks
Fordham women's hoops team now 0-29 ... University of Washington conductd open search for a new P.A. announcer ... San Jose State banning blood drives ... Penn State's "State Patty's Day" ... Video: Digger Phelps dances in Kansas ... more.
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Videos of the Day
Sports Video Of The Day
The best catch you'll ever see. (Thanks to Hoffmankidd of Burlington, Vt., for sending us the link.)

Music Video Of The Day
We don't how whoever put this together pulled it off, but check out these kids songs sung by rock stars.

Kids Songs Sung By Rock Stars - Watch more free videos
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