March 05, 2008
The Links
The Women Of Wrestling

Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson :: Getty Images
We heard from many of you who loved last week's link to a WWF action figure quiz. Since it is Wrestlemania month, we figured we'd keep the wrestling links coming. Today, Allballs gives you the Top 10 Hottest WWE Divas Of All Time. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
All The Favre Links You Need
Ten reasons why Favre retired. Here are five songs every Favre fan must have on their iPod. Here are the top 13 developments from the Favre retirement. And last, but certainly not least, a compilation of Favre interceptions. We posted this yesterday afternoon, but it's so good we want to make sure those who missed it in the morning get a chance to see it.
We Can Hear All The Jokes Already
If this is true, bloggers will have a field day. Reports say Ray Lewis is close to signing a deal with the UFC that would allow him to fight once or twice a year.
Basketball Meets The Boob Tube

Chris Daughtry, LeBron James :: Getty Images
With Malice is comparing NBA franchises to TV shows. The Cleveland Cavaliers get the American Idol treatment with the explanation being, "End premise is to end up with one really good singer. Add a mixture of mediocre-to-bad talent around that good singer, and just hope that it all works out."
More TV-Sports Connection
With The Wire closing out its run this Sunday, The Sporting Blog has put together a retrospective of sports moments from the hit HBO show.
Bud Busted
Blue Monkey Disco Party has a story on the latest "athlete" to be involved in the steroids scandal.
Today in Campus Clicks
Bill Cowher to Happy Valley? ... Something men should do before the tournament begins ... Best and Worst TV Principals ... Women's hoops' financial disaster ... Hating on the Song Girls ... Video: Hoops Player Proposes ... more.
Win $2,500
It's not too early for March Madness games. If you predict the Final Four correctly in SI's Bracket Challenge on Facebook, you could win $2,500. And, while we're talking Facebook, if you haven't joined the Hot Clicks group, now is the time do so.
Videos of the Day
Sports Video Of The Day
This soccer announcer is awesome. What's even better is the way he flips out at the 50-second mark when his partner mentions Tom Cruise.

Wrestling Video Of The Day
How could anyone growing up in the '80s forget this video.

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