March 06, 2008
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From The Field To Film

Cameron Diaz :: Nancy Ostertag/Getty Images
With Brett Favre calling it quits, most people are talking about how they're gonna miss the fun, gritty gunslinger. Others are talking about his tendency to throw interceptions in key situations. And then you have Robot In Disguise, a blog that's talking about Favre's role in There's Something About Mary and looking back at The Most Unintentionally Hilarious/Awkward Athlete Appearances in Movies.
Simply Amazing
You gotta check out this news report on a high school hoops player from Utah -- who has just one arm.
Happy Days Are Here Again
It looks like Friday Night Lights has been picked up for a third season!
The Makings Of A Meltdown
On Wednesday, we brought you a link to some great press conference meltdowns. Now, The World of Isaac is breaking down all the elements needed for a player or coach to have a good press conference rant.
Ray Of Light

Ray Hudson :: Rick Stewart/Getty Images
Yesterday we posted a hysterical video of a soccer analyst going off when his play-by-play partner brought up Tom Cruise during a crucial part of a game. Well, the awesome Hot Clicks readers have come through with more information on this one-of-a-kind announcer. Charlie Goldberg of Winnetka, Ill., says "His name is Ray Hudson, and he is so over the top it's great, he makes Gus Johnson seem quiet. He has a cult following and even a Web site dedicated to his best quotes. The Web site is basically all things Ray Hudson and it's It's really amazing." Darin of Charleston, Ill., also alerted us to the site.(See below for more Ray.)
His Legacy Lives On
So a husband and wife, who are big Packers fans, just had twin boys on Wednesday. What does said couple name the newborns? Brett and Favre. Seriously.
Nobody Wants The Name "Wrigley" Anymore
Wrigley Field isn't the only thing that's naming rights are up for grabs. As Out of Right Field tells us, "A Chicago family that lives near Wrigley Field has put up for auction on eBay the naming rights to its beloved family yellow lab, Wrigley, asking $1,000 as an opening bid."
Fame Game
The Angry T tells us that the nanny who accused David Beckham of having an affair with her has parlayed that scandal into landing on the cover of FHM.
"Oh Yeah, I Tried Out For The Tigers"
Check out this blogger's cool story about attending spring training open tryouts.
Today in Campus Clicks
NYU graduation at Yankee Stadium causing unhappiness ... Lingerie and Poetry and FSU ... Get to know Michael Jordan's son, Jeffrey ... Clemson Drinks for Charity ... Monopoly -- the Movie? ... Video: Duke Fan Pays Off Bet ... more.
Win $2,500
It's not too early for March Madness games. If you predict the Final Four correctly in SI's Bracket Challenge on Facebook, you could win $2,500. And, while we're talking Facebook, if you haven't joined the Hot Clicks group, now is the time do so.
Videos of the Day
Sports Video Of The Day
Ray Hudson talks about all the baby-making that's gonna go on in Madrid after a big win by the country's soccer team.

Music Video Of The Day
The Final Countdown -- done with cellos.

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