March 10, 2008
The Links
Erin's Back

Etin Andrews :: David Stluka/Getty Images
It's been a minute since we checked in with our girl Erin Andrews. As usual she's blowing up the Internet like that new Kanye West and Estelle song we can't get out of our head. She was featured in the Chicago Tribune twice in three days and spent time chronicling the adventures of "Speedo Guy."
Real March Madness
Before we get caught up in the madness of college basketball tournaments, let's take a moment to recognize what should go down as the biggest upset in sports this year. Barnsley FC, a tiny team in the bottom half of the Coca-Cola Championship, an English soccer league lower than the Premiership, has pulled an Appalachian State ... twice. Barnsley FC has beaten both Chelsea and Liverpool, two of the top four teams in the Premier League, within a month in the FA Cup, the country's most prestigious soccer tournament.
Go Figure
There's something to be said about a person who meticulously carves an action figure of a high school football player, even if that player is Terrelle Pryor. We'll be nice and refrain from divulging exactly what we'd say about that person, but there is certainly something to be said.
Byte Me
Our other Internet celebrity friend Jenn Sterger was on the air this weekend, featured on E!'s Byte Me -- 20 Hottest Women on the Web. We would have ranked her above the girls of the Lingerie Bowl, considering that the game has been canceled the past two seasons, but then again, we're slightly biased.
The Lost Bracket

The women of Lost :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
There's nothing better than filling out a bracket, but since we don't have the patience to wait a week until the NCAA tournament seeds are announced, we've been practicing on Lost characters instead.
The Hitcher
A Scottsdale, Ariz., couple enjoyed a lazy Saturday afternoon at the mall -- and drove away with a rather large and well-known passenger. It seems your average Honda has a whole lot more leg room than we thought.
Phat Baby
It looks like Djimon Hounsou and Kimora Lee Simmons are expecting a baby. This is big news for us because Dijmon trained with our main man Bas Rutten for his role in the upcoming film Never Back Down, due out this week. If he relays any knowledge he learned from "El Guapo" to his kid, they'll be just fine.
You Gotta Have Heart
This has to be the best news beer vendors have heard in years, not that stadium suds hounds need more encouragement, but "doctor's orders" just sounds so respectable, especially if you're new to the game.
Win $2,500
It's not too early for March Madness games. If you predict the Final Four correctly in SI's Bracket Challenge on Facebook, you could win $2,500. And, while we're talking Facebook, if you haven't joined the Hot Clicks group, now is the time do so.
Videos of the Day
Sports Video Of The Day
Maybe it's time we reconsidered our position on steroids in baseball.

The Riot Act
We love soccer just as much as the next MLS season ticket holder (yes, we exist), but incidents like this make most casual sports fans wonder if the beautiful game isn't just a glorified excuse to raise some havoc.

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