March 13, 2008
The Links
Much More Impressive Than His No-Hitter

Erica Ellyson :: Courtesy Penthouse
The lovely lady above is Penthouse Pet of the Year Erica Ellyson. She's dating Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz. Clay Buchholz is living a good life.
Best. Promotion. Ever.
A Georgia minor league team is planning Eliot Spitzer Night. Speaking of Spitzer, there's one athlete who's on his side.
How'd They Only Limit It To 10?
The Sports Nation is sharing its thoughts on the Top 10 Things In Sports That Suck.
Bigwigs, Take Note
Larry Brown Sports has found a report to counter all those other reports that say March Madness is bad for companies because of office productivity going down.
Ink Link

Prince Fielder :: Brad Mangin/Getty Images
Home Run Derby covers The Best Tattoos in Major League Baseball.
From The Best Tattoos In Baseball To...
The worst hair styles in the NBA.
Giant Find
We live in N.Y. and surf the Web for a living, but we had no idea there was a "Giants Girl." But we know now thanks to this interview with her over at Big Blue View.
Watch Tom Say Nothing
There's really nothing to these "paparazzi stalk Tom Brady and Gisele" videos on TMZ, but for some reason we enjoy watching how Brady just ignores every question, including the one about a rumored sex tape featuring him and the model.
Today in Campus Clicks
The Duke School of Flopping ... Scrabble with Hasheem Thabeet ... Phenomenon of NCAA teams making stupid music videos ... SIOC apologizes to hottest college student candidate ... College Football Blogger Awards ... Video: Walrus Dances to Michael Jackson ... more.
Lots Doing On Facebook
We have a goal of 4,000 members for our Facebook group. We're at 3,660. Join now if you haven't done so already. Video and photos that don't make Hot Clicks often end up on that Facebook group page. Also, sign up for SI's Bracket Challenge on Facebook. You could win $2,500 for predicting the correct Final Four and $15,000 in the overall pool.
Sports Video Of The Day
To get you pumped up for March Madness, here's the CBS NCAA Basketball Theme song -- played on a violin. (Thanks to Jimmy Polet ofGrandville, Mich., for sending us the link.)

Spitzer Video Of The Day
David Letterman's Top 10 Surprises of the Governor's Resignation.

Animal Video Of The Day
This dog likes to rock out. (Thanks to Dylan Moody of Cincinnati for sending us the link.)

Death Metal Puppy - Watch more free videos
Random Video Of The Day
You're trying to enjoy that disgusting Chinese food at the food court in the mall and a musical breaks out. (Thanks to Adam of State College, Penn., for sending us the link.)

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