March 14, 2008
The Links
Stop Looking At The Cheerleaders!

Mavericks Dancers :: Greg Nelson/SI focuses on one of problems that occurs if you take your girlfriend/wife to a sporting event: she covers your eyes while you try to gawk at the cheerleaders. The site even has video from a recent Mavericks game to show how embarrassing this can be for a dude. If the guy in the video is reading this by any chance, we'll try to soothe his pain by giving him another chance to check out the Mavericks cheerleaders. (Thanks to Anthony of Minneapolis for sending us the link.)
Get To Know Erin Andrews A Little Better
You probably spent a few minutes yesterday and today checking out the MySpace page of Eliot Spitzer's, um, friend. But we think you'll enjoy this page just as much.
Jeter Needs Help Getting Women?
Apparently he does, because he told a couple of reporters to let him know if they have anyone in mind for him when he and the Yankees visit Virginia Tech next week.
The Best Part Of March
The blogosphere gets all pumped up at this time of year for Gus Johnson, and rightfully so. We're big Gus fans. But for our money, Bill Raftery is still the best college hoops analyst, and this clip (which features a "send it in," a reference to a "Taiwan special," and use of an obscure word) from Awful Announcing proves it.
Time To Fill Out Your First Bracket

Phoebe Cates :: Courtesy Universal Studios
The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes are getting a jump on March Madness by holding a tournament to determine the hottest 1980s film vixen. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Pee Like Peyton
Fan IQ has the details (including a very interesting photo illustration) behind the Colts auctioning off official locker room urinals.
Be Like Billy
Going Five Hole wants to see Lil' John, Jason Preistley, Steve Carrell, Snoop Dogg and a few other celebs pull a Billy Crystal and take a stab at joining an NHL team. The blog is also comparing those celebs to NHL players.
No Pain, No Gain knows what people want to see -- the 10 greatest videos of treadmill usage gone wrong.
Today in Campus Clicks
Cheerleader Hotness Factor used to break down bubble teams ... Redemption in Fort Collins ... A horse named Spurrier ... The 15 maniacs of March Madness ... ESPN catching flak ... Video: Queen causes airbag mishap ... more.
Lots Doing On Facebook
We have a goal of 4,000 members for our Facebook group. We're at 3,660. Join now if you haven't done so already. Video and photos that don't make Hot Clicks often end up on that Facebook group page. Also, sign up for SI's Bracket Challenge on Facebook. You could win $2,500 for predicting the correct Final Four and $15,000 in the overall pool.
Sports Video Of The Day
A song to encourage the Milwaukee Brewers to sign golfer John Daly.

News Mishap Video Of The Day
Via With Leather comes this reporter getting taken out. - Watch more free videos
Political Video Of The Day
Barack and Hillary duke it out and debate -- Juno style.

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