March 17, 2008
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Brackets, Pools And Games

Arizona State fans :: Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography
The field of 65 has been revealed, so now it's time to plug the various ways you can win some money and/or prizes. We have the Seth Davis Hoops Bracket Challenge. We also have a Final Four Bracket Challenge. And lastly, we have Luke Winn's Tourney Blog Pool (find the widget on the right-hand side to join). Good luck to all of you. Oh, and since Arizona State was snubbed from the tourney, we thought we'd cheer up its fans by giving you this photo.
A Bunch Of Babies
Who Ate All the Pies has posted YouTubes of the Top 10 toddler tantrums from soccer players.
From Whiners To Wine
Home Run Derby looks at the latest trend to hit the major leagues -- players creating their own wines, with "Manny Being Merlot" and "CaberReyes" being just two examples.
Top Pats
With today being St. Patrick's Day, Jaspers' Rink honors -- what else? -- the Top 10 Patricks In Hockey History.
In Case You Missed It

Blake Hoffarber :: AP
In 2005, Blake Hoffarber made this unbelievable shot as a sophomore at Hopkins High School in Minnetonka, Minn., to win a state championship game. Last Friday, he pulled off this incredible shot to give Minnesota a 59-58 win over Indiana.
We Love Streakers -- Especially This One
A female streaker -- we'll use the word "streaker" even though she wore a bikini -- caused quite a stir in the soccer world this weekend.
Not For The Faint Of Heart gets gory and gives us the Top 10 most gruesome pro wrestling injuries.
Where Are They Now?
With a Beverly Hills 90210 spinoff in the works, The Angry T looks at what some of the show's characters are up to these days.
Today in Campus Clicks
Bizarre St. Patrick's Day traditions ... Tournament Crib Sheet ... Getting to Know Texas-Arlington ... March Madness Hotties ... Trouble in Ann Arbor ... Video: Top 10 NCAA Buzzer Beaters ... more.
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Sports Video Of The Day
Phil Jackson gets creepy with Michele Tafoya.

Random Video Of The Day
Reader Andrew of Charlottesville, Va., sends us the theme song to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air -- in Italian.

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