March 18, 2008
The Links
A Stunning Split

Lauren Conrad :: Peter Kramer/Getty Images
We've seen many shocking and sad breakups: Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills and LC and Heidi from The Hills. But this story about a blogger breaking up with his bracket just might be the most shocking and saddest.
Fine Nines
Only in the sports blogosphere would someone be creative enough to use Eliot Spitzer's title as "Client No. 9" as a way to "check out the other pros who've worn No. 9 when it came time to score."
Vegas Watch explains just how impossible it is for someone to pick a perfect bracket.
Shocker! Bob Costas Is Smug!
So, last week, Bob Costas called bloggers "pathetic, get-a-life losers." We weren't surprised at all because Costas always came off as the type of guy who thinks he's a much better human being than the viewer he talks down to. But then Costas called Deadspin to clarify his comments, which showed just how out of touch he is because he thinks The Onion is a blog.
Speaking Of The Onion...

Brett Favre :: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
Check out how the Packers are handling Brett Favre's retirement with the team's fans.
Going Green
Mac G looks at all the NBA teams who wore green jerseys yesterday in honor of St. Patrick's Day.
This Proves Everyone Loves To Do Brackets
If you're a Republican who admires John McCain or if you're a Democrat who would like to beat some Republicans (or if you just like to gamble), you might want to join the official John McCain Bracket Challenge.
Fantasy Nightmares looks back at the biggest fantasy baseball busts ever.
Today in Campus Clicks
Celebrating the Baylor Bears ... College Hoops' Newest Rivalry ... 10 longest tenured coaches without a BCS bid ... Video: When Trampoline Basketball Goes Wrong ... more.
More Clicks On Facebook
If you haven't joined the Hot Clicks Facebook group, do so now. Links and videos that get left on the cutting room floor often end up on the Facebook page. Also on Facebook is SI's Bracket Challenge and Luke Winn's Tourney Blog Pool.
Sports Video Of The Day
A reader named Joe Bob, who provided no hometown, sends us this highly amusing video compilation of a very animated high school basketball coach from West Va. What makes the clip even better is Kung Foo Fighting as the background music.

"Is It Real Or Fake" Video Of The Day
Bowler nails 12 strikes in a row.

Bowling 12 Strikes in 12 Lanes - Watch more free videos
Random Video Of The Day
Dane Cook = Not funny in any way, shape or form. Dane Cook's gyrations (while you can't hear his "jokes") set to the tune of Vogue = funny. (Thanks to Matt in Boston for sending us the link.)

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