March 19, 2008
The Links
A Little Introduction

Jamie Little :: Vince Bucci/Getty Images
We always like to learn about new people in the sports industry, so since we don't watch NASCAR, we have to thank The Big Lead for alerting us to pit reporter Jamie Little. TBL has a Jamie Little quiz, and more important, more photos.
Let's Rick Roll
Reader Adam of State College, Pa., sent us this video of a bunch of people busting out Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up during a college basketball game. Since we love all things '80s, we found the clip highly amusing. However, we were curious about the title of the YouTube clip: "College Basketball Game Gets Rick Roll'd." So we did a little research to find out the meaning of "Rick Roll'd." explains it as "to be tricked into clicking a link of a Rick Astley video," and of course, there's a Web site. We'll be Rick Rolling our friends all day long.
Who Says Clemens Is Persona Non Grata?
The Huntsville Stars, the Brewers Class AA affiliate, have offered Roger Clemens a contract -- to become the team's mascot. If he accepts the offer, Clemens would dress as an astronaut and interact with fans.
Barack's Rough Week Continues
First, Barack Obama had to deal with the controversy surrounding his pastor. Now, MLB has ordered a Pennsylvania student to stop selling baseball T-shirts that had Obama's name where the team logos normally appear. has a peek at what the shirts looked like.
The Jessica Simpson Jinx Continues

Tony Romo, Jessica Simpson :: AP
Jessica and Tony attended last night's Lakers-Mavericks game, and as you can tell by the looks on their faces, Dallas lost, 102-100.
Another Bracket You Gotta Fill Out
Philadelphia radio station WYSP is holding a March Madness tournament to determine the best rock band of all time -- and more important, its Web site says, "Pick correctly and you could win a brand new 42" HDTV!" (Thanks to Joshua of Mullica Hill, N.J., for sending us the link.)
Pyle of List uses brackets to determine the greatest villain in cartoon history. (Thanks to Danny of Los Angeles for sending us the link.)
Sto Crazy is reminiscing about those Starting Lineup action figures, and lets us know that the Kelly Stouffer one is worth $70.00!
Today in Campus Clicks
Finding the next Cowgirl ... Update on the Michigan Academic Scandal ... Most ridiculous mascots ... Top all-time buzzer beaters ... Steve Lavin and His Hair ... Video: Amazing Ball-Balancing Dog ... more.
More Clicks On Facebook
If you haven't joined the Hot Clicks Facebook group, do so now. Links and videos that get left on the cutting room floor often end up on the Facebook page. Also on Facebook is SI's Bracket Challenge and Luke Winn's Tourney Blog Pool.
Sports Video Of The Day
We've all seen the famous clip of Randy Johnson hitting a bird with a pitch, but today was the first time we saw this similar incident, which occurred in a minor league game awhile back. (Thanks to Stais of Hialeah, Fla., for sending us the link.)

Bird Vs Baseball - Watch more free videos
Music Video Of The Day
Reader Larry of Toronto sent us the following: "I heard about this link from a radio show. Basically, Nickelback plagiarizes themselves." Larry is right. The song starts out slow, but by the middle, you realize Nickleback got two hits for the price of one.

Bashing Dane Cook Video Of The Day
After seeing the shot we took at Dane Cook yesterday, reader Eddie of Rye, N.Y., sent us the following e-mail: "I thank you greatly for posting any video which bashes, berates and criticizes Dane Cook in any way. I despise him and his so called "comedy" and can't begin to fathom how a human being with a proper working mind and soul could find any one of his jokes funny. I'm sure you've already seen this video on MadTV, YouTube or another site of its kin and if not, I'm glad to share. I can totally imagine Dane Cook performing this exact routine and the auditorium roaring out in laughter. It makes me sad that people don't understand comedy these days. Just because a "comedian" is mildly attractive and runs around a lot doesn't mean that he is remotely funny.

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