March 20, 2008
The Links
March Hotness
Subway Chatter is holding a little tournament of its own -- the 2008 Tournament of Hotties. They've put the women into four "regions" for you to vote on -- movie, TV, music and modeling.

A slew of women who are either married to or dating athletes are battling for the crown, including Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria, Willa Ford, Hilary Duff, Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima and Carmella Garcia. Also in the Field of 64 -- an athlete (Anna Kournikova), and a couple of SI Swimsuit models (Marisa Miller and Heidi Klum).

Marisa Miller
Raphael Mazzucco/SI
We Wish We Knew About This Yesterday
It's probably too late for most of you to turn in a bracket, but this is still a very cool thing to check out. You click a button and this site automatically generates a filled-out bracket for you. (Thanks to Dan Hayes of Saint Charles, Mo., for sending us the link.)
Survival Guide
Cobra Brigade gives you a lesson on How to Survive the Opening Weekend of the NCAA Tournament. (Thanks to Shaun of Bloomington, Ind., for sending us the link.)
Keep These Handy
The World of Isaac helps you out by giving you 10 things To Say When Your Boss Catches You Watching Tourney Games Online.
Annoying Tourney People describes those people who we'll all want to punch over the next couple of weeks: Six Characters Who Ruin Every NCAA Office Pool. (Thanks to Joe of Austin, Texas for sending us the link.)
Annoying Tourney Speak

Billy Packer :: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
The Sports Hernia has a slew of quotes that you're gonna hear in your office over the next two days. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Don't Send The Hate Mail To Us
Sports Nation reveals the Top 10 Most Overrated Things In Sports.
Scared Of Shaq
We're a week late on this, but it's amusing nonetheless. We recently posted video of Shaq flying into the stands and taking out a whole section. Well, check out what happened when the Diesel almost did it again a couple of days later. (Thanks to Hoffmankidd of Burlington, Vt., for sending us the link.)
As If You Need Another Distraction Today...
If you get tired of checking scores and updating your brackets, play SI's new Cover Challenge Game.
Today in Campus Clicks
We're picking UCLA, and with good reason ... Top Five One Shining Moment videos ... More Reasons Why Duke Sucks ... Top 10 Mascot Fights ... Vote in the March Sadness Bracket ... Video: Kids vs. Revolving Door ... more.
More Clicks On Facebook
If you haven't joined the Hot Clicks Facebook group, do so now. Links and videos that get left on the cutting room floor often end up on the Facebook page. Also on Facebook is SI's Bracket Challenge and Luke Winn's Tourney Blog Pool.
Sports Video Of The Day
We're looking forward to these intense Bill Raftery calls.

Nickelback Video Of The Day
Yesterday, we linked to a video showing how two of the band's songs sound exactly the same. Reader Dylan in Cincinnati follows that up with this clip from an old Nickelback show during which the band walked off the stage after two songs because the audience was throwing rocks at them.

Random Video Of The Day
The iPhone crazy was months ago, but this video, sent to us by Karl of Westwood, Calif., still gave us a good chuckle since it shows that karma is a you-know-what.

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