March 24, 2008
The Links
Blasting Britney's NCAA Tourney Promos

Britney Spears :: Mark Mainz/Getty Images
While seeing all the promos for Britney Spears' appearance on How I Met Your Mother during NCAA tournament action this past weekend, we thought for sure that the New York Post's Phil Mushnick would blast the spots, since a) Mushnick complains about everything and b) the commercials featured references to sex. But instead, it was USA Today's Michael McCarthey who called out CBS. We say lighten up for one reason. We love HIMYM and we've heard rumblings it could get canceled. So we want the show to get any publicity and any ratings bump it can get.
Tourney Test offers you a quiz that tests your knowledge of some of the smaller schools that made the NCAA Tournament.
Marketing 101
How does Colorado's lacrosse team outdraw the Nuggets and Avalance? They seat some fans in hot tubs with women in bikinis.
The New Bo
It was recently announced that Tecmo Bowl is being remade for the Wii and the DS systems. This news has wondering which current player could possibly fill the shoes of one Bo Jackson.
Did He Scream Out "Kelly Clarkson?"

Jason Smith :: Getty Images
NASCAR's Tony Stewart, who once auctioned off a sweaty towel for charity, recently raised $125,000 for charity -- by waxing his back.
Ranking Wrestlemanias
On Friday, we gave you a link to a blogger who ranked the 10 best Wrestlemanias. Well, the Orlando Sentinel has ranked all 23 Wrestlemanias.
Awesome Ads shows that it knows what appeals to men, because they're looking back at the five sexiest beer commercials.
We heard about this on Howard Stern's show this morning (because he was on the list), and after checking it out, we can tell you that Doug Christie and Kurt Warner are two sports figures who made GQ's list of the top 25 most emasculated, disempowered, henpecked husbands on the planet.
Today in Campus Clicks
Wrapping up the tournament's first weekend ... Penn State offers class about Joe Paterno ... Catching up with Adam Morrison ... 50 Things You Can Do With a Tennis Ball ... Video: Dolls Reenact Duke-Belmont ... more.
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Sports Video Of The Day
Reader Jon Nelson sent us the following e-mail about this hockey fight video featuring Patrick Roy's son, who pulls off one of the biggest lowlife moves we've ever seen: "It takes a while to warm up, but goaltender Jonathan Roy finally gets his wish at the 1:25 mark, and gets his wish again at the 2:00 mark with someone other than the goalie he just pummeled. The perfunctory (a.k.a., "standard") father cut-away reaction is at the 2:30 mark."

News Reporter Video Of The Day
This oldie but goodie shows a reporter getting attacked by snowballs -- thrown by little kids.

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