March 25, 2008
The Links
Entering The Vault

Heidi Klum :: Stewart Shining/SI is having a lot of fun going through the newly launched Vault here on It's combed through the archives to find out when certain big-name athletes (Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson and Tiger Woods to name a few) first appeared in the magazine. However, MentalFloss didn't cover the history of Swimsuit, which launched in 1964. The first time Heidi Klum, one of our all-time favorite models, appeared on the cover was 1998.
Christmas Comes Early For Sports Fans
Bugs & Cranks alerts us to a new invention that we think a few of you may be interested in: table-top beer taps. That's right, thanks to the genius of a 26-year-old, soon you'll be able to have your own tap when you're watching the games at your favorite bar.
Thanks For The Pranks
In one of the more unique posts we've seen lately, comes up with, in their words, "five videos that capture the greatest guerilla street pranks ever." No. 3 involves a fight between the University of Houston and Oregon mascots.
A Day In The Life Of Derek Jeter
We've always been surprised that there aren't more pictures of Derek Jeter in action -- away from the field -- floating around the 'net. But here are a couple, with the second being the gem as Jeter looks worn out.

Al Harris :: Getty Images
With Roger Goodell thinking about cracking down on players with long hair, The Legend of Cecilio Guante has decided to honor athletes who've sported the dreadlock rasta look.
Love And Baseball
Bricks Explode tries to prepare you for the baseball season by giving you a lesson on what team you should root for based on what team your significant other roots for.
It's All About The Cake
The Deuce of Davenport has the details of a bizarre story involving Carmelo Anthony, his kid's birthday party, a friend getting arrested and a cake.
Shows That Left Us Wanting More remembers canceled TV series that fans still haven't gotten over.
Today in Campus Clicks
UCLA's annual undie run ... Cheerleader tears ACL ... More drunk athletes on Facebook ... Meet the Mountaineer Man ... Video: Bruce Pearl is loose ... more.
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Sports Video Of The Day
Duke haters will enjoy this video about the basketball team's demise.

Howard Stern Video Of The Day
With the XM-Sirius merger finally approved, we thought this would be a good time to look at a very old video of Howard Stern from back in his WNBC days. It's so old, Howard and Don Imus get along in the video.

Random Video Of The Day
What do you do when you want to jump rope but don't have a rope? The answer for these people is to use a human being instead of a rope.

Human Jump Rope - Watch more free videos
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