March 26, 2008
The Links
National Disaster
Hugging Harold Reynolds via alerts us to an interesting trend that's taken place with the Nationals -- the team is on a run of getting rid of players who have very attractive wives.

Ryan Church and Brian Schneider were shipped to N.Y. in the offseason, and as you can see on HHR, both have very attractive spouses. Also, pitcher John Patterson was just released, and he's married to Miss D.C. 2005, Shannon Schambeau. As both blogs pointed out, Nats shortstop Felipe Lopez should be worried. The woman above is his wife, Jennifer Lopez. Yes, Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez
What's Going On With Gus?
We spoke to CBS' Gus Johnson yesterday and we'll be bringing you that interview tomorrow. For now, check out the precautions CBS is taking with Gus, who'll be calling the Davidson-Wisconsin game on Friday.
Who Can Blame Him?
Not much here other than a great pic of legendary play-by-play man Dick Enberg enjoying the work of a cheerleader during last weekend's opening round of the NCAA tournament.
Watch Out, Arizona
Even though he was shipped to the desert several weeks ago, Shaquille O'Neal still isn't giving up his dream to become a police officer. The Diesel has signed up as a volunteer for the Tempe Police.
You Won't Worry About Steroids With This Team

Small Wonder
ArmchairGM presents The All-Robot Baseball Team. We'll link to anything that mentions Vicky from Small Wonder, who made the roster as a pitcher.
Speaking Of Robots...
Puck That Hit says "Using equal parts hockey savvy and sci-fi geekiness, we've listed the NHL head coaches from all 30 teams and assigned them a Star Wars character based on their record, history, talent, and -- of course -- personality."
Rock On
We've given you links to brackets that are determining the hottest female celebrity, the best rock band and the top NBA dance team. Well, Pennsylvania's 93.7 The Bus is running a bracket to determine the best rock song of all time. (Thanks to Rob of Austin, Texas, for sending us the link.)
Vile Villains looks at the 50 Most Vile Movie Villains.
Today in Campus Clicks
The School With the Best-Looking Females Is... ... Top Upsets in NCAA Hoops History ... Bands You Need to See this Spring ... Sweet 16 quiz ... Video: Another Reason to Dislike Duke.
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Sports Video Of The Day
Huge props to Erkki Corpuz of Oxnard, Calif., who put together this tremendous video about the Lakers with the lyrics set to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody. One of the best we've ever seen.

Flopping Video Of The Day
Nope, it doesn't take place on the basketball court. It takes place in a courtroom, after one woman taps another on the head. (Thanks to Josh of York, Pa., for sending us the link.)

Parody Video Of The Day
A couple of months ago, we mentioned that we loved Snoop Dogg's video for Sexual Seduction. Now, reader Matt ofSan Marcos, Texas, alerts us that the guy who pulled off the Crank That Kosher Boy parody video is back and he's spoofing Snoop in an awesome video titled, Sexual Dysfunction. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

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