March 27, 2008
The Links
Help Us Beat Tiger Woods

Elin Woods :: Big Pictures USA
We've told you about several sites that are holding various bracket competitions (Hottest female celebrity, Best rock band, Top NBA dance team and Best rock song of all time). Well, The Big Lead is holding a Pop Culture bracket, and somehow Hot Clicks managed to pull a No. 8 seed. We even advanced to the second round, where we're facing Tiger Woods. We really want to beat Tiger. Not many people can say they beat Tiger, and we want to get on that short list. So we're not above bribery, especially since he's already beating our brains in. We're giving you this picture of Tiger's wife, Elin, in hopes that it'll make you vote for us over a man who already has everything.
Even MORE Brackets is holding "The Clash of the Kicks" to determine the best sneaker of all time. Going Five Hole is honoring long-time Penguins announcer Mike Lange by holding the "Mike Lange Tournament of Quotes."
Nasty Netminders is so pumped up by the recent Jonathan Roy fight (big shocker) that it's compiled the top 12 Hockey Goalie fights of all time. (Thanks to Adam Lehrhaupt of Line Lexington, Pa., for sending us the link.)
No. 1 Was A Layup
With the real Opening Day just a few days away, thought this was the perfect time to look back at the Top 10 Quotes from Major League. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Gus Johnson Talked To Us

Gus Johnson :: Courtesy
We interviewed the CBS announcer about the NCAA tournament, his Internet fame, the New York Knicks and more. (Programming note: Check back tomorrow for another interview. This time we're speaking to a female celebrity who's dating an athlete.)
Rick Roll Rundown
Last Wednesday, we wrote about how we just discovered the "Rick Roll" phenomenom, and linked to this video of people getting Rick Rolled at a basketball game. This past Monday, the New York Times wrote about the Rick Roll trend and went into great detail about the video we linked to. Now, FanIQ tells us that the video was a fake. Either way, we've gotten Rick Rolled twice this week and we've felt like losers. Reader Paul in San Diego told us to "check out this site," and when we clicked on the link, we couldn't close the Web page that blasted Rick Astley's video until we did a Ctrl+Alt+Delete and closed Explorer via Task Manager. Here's the url if you'd like to Rick Roll someone (, but we're warning you again, once you go to that site, you can't close it. And then Perez Hilton told us he had video of Whitney Houston smoking crack and, well, see for yourself what happens.
Brian McNamee Is No Longer His No. 1 Enemy
Unfortunately for them, a slew of sports figures have made's list of the 100 Unsexiest Men on the Planet. The guy who had it the worst was Roger Clemens, who came in at No. 1.
Some Were Better At Athletics Than Politics
Rumors and Rants runs down America's top 10 most athletic presidents. George W. Bush managed to come in at No. 4, despite this.
Today in Campus Clicks
Looking for the Hottest Michigan and PSU Coeds ... Great time to be a Davidson student ... Tyler Hansbrough as a high school student ... What would these men do if they were coaching? ... Video: Ugliest Free Throw, Ever.
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Sports Video Of The Day
Via, which doesn't seem to miss a thing, is this clip of ESPN's Gary Thorne implying THREE DIFFERENT TIMES that Jose Canseco is on the New York Yankees.

Prank Video Of The Day
Rigging a bunk bed: so simple, yet so effective.

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor
Lost Video Of The Day
This should tide you over during Lost's hiatus.

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