March 28, 2008
The Links
Keeping Up With Kim

Kim Kardashian :: Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Kim Kardashian was nice enough to chat with us about dating Reggie Bush, her appearance at Wrestlemania this weekend and her Olympic gold-medal winning stepdad, Bruce Jenner. She also took a mini football quiz that resulted in some interesting answers.
Casting Appalled
ArmchairGM looks back at ridiculous casting decisions made in sports movies throughout the years.
The Next Ebert and Roeper?
An old Lakers No. 21, Michael Cooper, and the current Lakers No. 21, Ronny Turiaf, review the movie, 21, which is about five MIT students who took down Vegas by counting cards at the blackjack table. (Thanks to Angela of, in her words, City of Angels, for sending us the link.)
On The Subject Of Movies About Gambling... has compiled the 11 Hollywood Tips on Becoming a Better Gambler. We hope our friends take some notes.
Breaking Them In Early
We can't really explain this next item well enough to do it justice, but if you have a young child or one on the way, and you want your child to root for the baseball team that you root for, there are DVDs that will help you brainwash your baby into doing so.
Beauties And The Beast

Christie Brinkley :: Walter Iooss/SI
As you all know, recently launched SI Vault. One of the fascinating trends regarding the Vault has been on the site's Most Popular Photos page. To no one's surprise, a slew of Swimsuit photos, including the one above of Christie Brinkley, are among the most popular. But somehow, a few photos of Larry Bird have also cracked the list.
Speaking Of Larry Legend...
This amusing story by Blue Monkey Disco Party starts like this: "Isiah Thomas, Jim Dolan and Larry Bird all walk into a bar..."
And Speaking Of Swimsuits... asked their readers to select the sexiest women and men ever to sport swimsuits in movies. Here are the results -- with photos!
Meant To Be Together
The Angry T presents an All-Cupid team by figuring out which athletes would be perfect for each other.
Send It In!
We become obsessed with Bill Raftery this time of year. There is no better analyst in any sport, and the man was on fire during Thursday's West Virginia-Xavier game. Awful Announcing has a compilation of The Raft's quotes, which even got a little risque. Also, check out this oldie but goodie from the SportsPickle (it's toward the middle/right of the page.)
Today in Campus Clicks
Va. Tech stops U.S. Olympic softball team's 185-game winning streak ... Duke is the Nation's Most Popular Hoops Team? ... G.W. student lives in library for a month ... High School Bruce Pearl ... Video: The Tuberfield Trailer.
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Sports Video Of The Day
This video comes via Brew Hoop. Just watch what Andrew Bogut does after sinking a free throw. Poor guy must have no friends on his team.

John Mayer Video Of The Day
Reader Lauren of Long Island, N.Y., alerted us to this video found on John Mayer's blog. Apparently the singer was sitting behind home plate during one of the Red Sox-A's games and did one minute of what is by far the worst play-by-play you'll ever hear.

Mishap Video Of The Day
Is it real or fake? Either way, don't photocopy your butt.

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