April 03, 2008
The Links
Best Bracket Yet
We've told you about a few brackets that bloggers are running in order to determine the hottest celebrity or best-looking female athlete, etc. ArmchairGM.com is the latest site to throw its hat in this ring, offering up the 2008 Hottest Sports Wife Tournament.

In our opinion, this is the most educational bracket we've seen because it not only covers the wives we always hear about (Posh Spice, Eva Longoria, etc.), but also features many of the lesser-known wives, such as Adam Archuletta's spouse, Jennifer Walcott.

Jennifer Walcott
Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Speaking Of Brackets...
We thank all of you who voted for us in our opening-round battle with Tiger Woods in The Big Lead's 2008 Culture Tournament. We also thank all of you who voted for us over Dan Patrick in our next matchup. The bad news to come out of this is that we're now facing Hot Clicks staple, Jessica Simpson. We don't expect to beat Simpson. In fact, we voted for her. But least now we can say we got spanked by Jessica Simpson.
Who Wants The Worm?
Gibbs12.com alerts us to this Web site, where you can literally rent Dennis Rodman. Our favorite excerpt from the site: "Want to shock and awe your friends and co-workers? Let Rodman, King Of Technicolor Hair 'Dos, pick your bold new hair color, and he'll hang with you for the first 30 minutes of dyeing. Prices start at $80." (UPDATE: 11:29 a.m.: I'm an idiot, and as the good folks at FanIQ just told me, this whole thing was an April Fool's joke. However, we weren't the only ones who got burnt.)
Sorry, Steve
Now that Moises Alou has said he never could've caught the foul ball that Steve Bartman interfered with, Food Court Lunch offers an unbelievably creative theory on how Alou's apology to Steve Bartman would go down.
Good Luck
This is the kind of stuff new Knicks president Donnie Walsh has to fix.
Spooky Spokespeople

Randy Savage :: Vince Bucci/Getty Images
ChiChi Rodriguez, Howie Long, George Foreman, and Randy Savage crack Holy Taco's list of the 10 Creepiest Celebrity Endorsements.
We Wonder How Tom Feels About This?
Apparently Gisele Bundchen has a "butt assistant" on her photo shoots. Here are some pics to prove it. And here's the story, which we're sure none of you will click on. If Tom Brady is gonna skip offseason workouts, shouldn't he be the one to make sure Gisele's backside looks good?
Fun With Photos/T-Shirts/eBay
Pedro Martinez meets M*A*S*H. Apparently these Shaq shirts are all the rage now in Phoenix. Meanwhile, Cubs fans are having a blast with Kosuke Fukudome T-shirts, such as this one, this one and this one. And who doesn't want a jockstrap air freshener.
The Joy Of A Sixer
Some of you may know Mary Carey from VH-1's Celebrity Rehab. Some of you may know her because she ran for governor of California in 2003. And some of you may know her for her work in certain films. Anyway, it seems Carey recently got smitten with a member of the Philadelphia 76ers.
Today in Campus Clicks
One Reason to Cheer for Memphis ... Kansas State Football = Wimpy ... Hating on Charlie Weis ... Eli Manning Day at Ole Miss ... Video: Joe Paterno at Practice.
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Sports Video Of The Day
What the heck was this soccer player thinking?

Soccer Player Better Have Good Hiding Place - Watch more free videos
Bizarre Commercial Of The Day
Adam, of Los Angeles, e-mailed us the following: "I put this simple video together a while back. I think the advertising agency was focused on the middle school demographic, and couldn't believe when it was approved and released to the airwaves." After watching it, we couldn't believe it made it to air, either. But it's definitely funnier than any other commercial we've ever seen. And we can't get the catchy jingle out of our head -- which probably isn't a good thing. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day
The talk-show host airs his 1,000th episode tonight, and he'll be unveiling a new video featuring himself and Richard Simmons. We'll bring it to you tomorrow, but here's a sneak peek. In honor of Kimmel's milestone, below is the funniest bit he does on a regular basis: Unnecessary Censorship.

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