April 08, 2008
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The Big Fundamental

Jessica Simpson :: Getty Images
Shaquille O'Neal is doing his best to give back to the Phoenix community. In his latest charitable efforts, he teaches the kids at the Boys & Girls Club how to take our job by perusing Jessica Simpson pictures.
"We're Doing This Together?"
If you think those pre-game interviews -- in which opposing coaches sit together and pretend to like each other hours before the game -- are awkward, then you should see what doesn't make it on air. Apparently CBS didn't tell John Calipari and Bill Self that their Sunday interviews would be a joint venture.
Andrews Does It Again
After being named Playboy's Sexiest Sportscaster, our friend, Erin Andrews, looks like she's locked up The Big Lead's Culture Bracket Championship. Despite her surprisingly low seed (No. 8) and her unflattering, hoagie-chomping picture, we had her going all the way from the get-go. Unfortunately our NCAA tournament bracket didn't follow suit.
My Favorite Martian
There are few coaches better at relaying a message through the media than Phil Jackson. Currently, he's trying to get through to Vladimir Radmanovic, who he calls a "space cadet" and "my favorite Martian." Jackson recently told our friend, Brad Turner, "I tell him, 'You really need someone to get in there and work with your head because no one has been able to do anything with your head for a while. Something is wrong with it.'"
Naked Ambition
Olympian Victoria Pendleton is one of the best cyclists in the world, but that doesn't mean she demands headlines in her local newspaper. That is, of course, unless the tout includes the words "stripped" and "nude."
Model Shaves Beard

Baron Davis :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
In another entertaining tournament, Ball's Don't Lie pitted Adriana Lima against Baron Davis' beard for its crown. The only thing more surprising than the seeding (Baron's beard was the top seed; Lima was an eight) was that Lima needed a Kansas-like comeback for the win.
Bonds Talks
Moments after shaking hands with Kobe Bryant , Barry Bonds gives an exclusive interview to a Bay Area reporter, who hits him with all the tough questions, and has him show off his skills in front of an Arco Arena crowd.
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Bronson's Bombs
In honor of Bronson Arroyo giving up four home runs in three innings against the Phillies yesterday, we give you our favorite Arroyo pitch.

Video Of The Day
This year's One Shining Moment. Enjoy.

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