April 09, 2008
The Links
Revisiting Our Favorite Bracket

Michelle Damon :: Marlena Bielinska/SI
You have until Thursday afternoon to vote in ArmchairGM's 2008 Hottest Sports Wife Tournament that we featured here last Thursday. Johnny Damon's wife, Michelle, is in the running.
Wash Their Mouths Out With Soap
All Balls shows us what journalism is all about in this heavy-hitting investigative piece titled "The 10 Greatest Professional Sports F-Bombs Caught On Camera." (Warning: You may be shocked, but this link contains strong language.)
With the NCAA basketball season all wrapped up, now is a good time to look back at The 10 Most Ridiculous Dick Vitale Moments.
Rick Roll Story Of The Day
The New York Mets got Rick Rolled, and they're not happy about it.
Face Off
We can honestly say this is the most unique photo gallery/quiz we've ever seen. MenStyle.com has compiled photos of soccer players and adult film stars in action. Your job is if each photo is either a soccer player or an adult film star.
Stylin' And Profilin'

Red Auerbach :: AP
From Red Auerbach's omnipresent cigar to the towel slung over John Thompson's shoulder, The Big Picture is looking at coaches with the most distinct appearance.
Fun With Photos
MisterIrrelevant.com has uncovered the best MLB player page photo of the 2008 season. Meanwhile, the Sports Hubris reveals the 10 Funniest MLB Profile Pictures Found on Yahoo! Sports.
THIS Will Get People To Watch Hockey
Cuzoogle.com will pay you $25 if you can correctly predict the Stanley Cup champion.
A List For Lists
Since Hot Clicks probably wouldn't exist without bloggers churning out lists on a regular basis, this post from BestWeekEver.tv titled "Top 10 Tips For Writing An Awesomely Funny Top 10 List On The Internet," gave us a chuckle. And all we have to say is, thank God for No. 2.
Today in Campus Clicks
Congrats to Candace and the Crew ... What would celebs look like if they were from Ohio? ... Still celebrating in Kansas ... Coach Cal to bolt Memphis? ... Video: Jumping into a cactus patch.
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Sports Video Of The Day
When we got the link below from reader Bryan, of Madison, Wisc., with a note that said: "The Day That Football Died (Brett Favre Tribute)," we kinda threw up in our mouths a little bit. But after seeing the attractive female who sings the song and all the creativity that went into it, we have nothing but praise.

Jeopardy! Video Of The Day
Very old, but very funny. (Thanks to Tim LaBerge, of Minneapolis, for sending us the link.)

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