April 11, 2008
The Links
Athletes Dating Celebrities: Who's Next?

Miranda Kerr :: Frazer Harrison /Getty Images
Rumors and Rants is trying to predict the next athlete/celebrity hookup and offers odds on various pairings. One supermodel making R&R's cut is Miranda Kerr, who is pegged as David Wright's "ideal target."
(UPDATE: 10:58 a.m.: A few of you wrote in to tell us that something that's not supposed to be seen could be seen in the previous Miranda Kerr photo we had here. We inspected said photo closely and it was a shadow. But we switched it anyway. We want to especially thank Timberlake@@yahoo.com, who wrote, "You are about to have a FCC moment" and signed his e-mail, "Justin." You get an A for cleverness.)
Our Wardrobe Is Expanding
Yesterday, we told you about these Hot Clicks T-shirts that Mike Dunn, of Ellicott City, Md., put together. Well, Mike has some competition. Reader Syed Bukhari, of Seattle, has come up with "I Check Out Hot Clicks on SI.com Everyday" shirts. Our offer still stands for anyone who buys one of these shirts. Take a photo of yourself wearing it, e-mail it to us and we'll put in the Clicks.
BIG Fun With Photos
TiricoSuave.com (the blog with the best header/banner on the Internet) has put together a must-see compilation of movie posters with athletes Photoshopped into them. (Thanks to Steve, of Little Falls, N.J., for sending us the link.)
Daily Staples Before The Internet Came Along
From Wiffleball, to Kill the Man with the Ball, to Dodgeball, TheLoveOfSports.com is ranking the Top 10 Playground Games.
No-No Nonsense
JoeSportsFan.com looks back at the seven worst pitchers to throw a no-hitter.
The Most Depressing Item Of The Day

Ken Griffey, Roger Clemens
MentalFloss.com has put together a quiz to see how well you know the current value of a selection of baseball cards. When we think about the money we spent on these cards, especially the two pictured above, we contemplate walking out of our office and stepping in front of a moving bus on 7th Avenue.
Masters Roundup
A lot of golfers wore green pants on Thursday. Meanwhile, Steven Ames has really white teeth. And Complex.com looks at some bizarre golf celebrations.
Get Familiar With Favre Fan
On Wednesday, we linked you to a Brett Favre tribute video, mainly because we found the woman who sang the song very attractive. Well, MacG has come through with several pics of the Favre lover.
Beautiful Poetry
Food Court Lunch offers up some interesting haikus for Michael Vick, Roger Clemens, Anna Kournikova, Gary Bettman and other prominent sports figures. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Gambling + Attractive Women = Nirvana
Vegas Watch breaks down the odds for tonight's Miss USA Pageant.
Today in Campus Clicks
Ranking the BCS Football Coaches ... NCAA Hoops -- Arrest Report ... Dartmouth and Naked Students ... Winners and Losers of the NCAA tournament ... The Fighting Hanson Video: Tennessee Fans in Gainesville.
SI Vault Story Of The Day
Yesterday, we told you that we're going to feature a story that you send us from SI's Vault in this space each day. Today, Chris Hurney, of Chicago, sends us this Vault story titled, All Bets Are Off: The U.S. is on the verge of an explosion in Internet sports betting that could change the face of gambling in this country forever. But is it legal? And even if it isn't, can it be stopped?
Facebook News
In addition to our Hot Clicks page, SI.com now has a brand-new Facebook group page, too.
Sports Video Of The Day
A ton of you e-mailed this clip to us, but Nazim Shahi, of Austin, Texas, was the first. Watch Kobe Bryant jump over a moving car!

Announcing Gaffe Video Of The Day
Via Nyystadiuminsider.com comes this surreal clip. Yankees analyst David Cone describes something very interesting -- and dirty -- and inappropriate -- that happened to pitcher Ian Kennedy while he was in the bullpen. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Amazing Pours Video Of The Day
Check out these impressive beer pours, especially the one that takes place at the 1:40 mark.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day
Here's description we never thought we'd write: Guillermo sets the Guinness Book of World Records for most underwear worn at the same time. And then, Ruben Studdard sings a congratulatory song.

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