April 15, 2008
Congratulations, Denver
We Still Want You!
Nuggets cheerleaders :: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Instead of focusing on the negatives at the top (we'll cover Carmelo Anthony's arrest down below), we're gonna choose to look at the positive regarding the Denver Nuggets. They've clinched a playoff spot and have some of the best-looking cheerleaders in the league, as proven by this gallery found on DonChavez.com.

Wrestling List Of The Day

TopTenChicagoSports.com ranks the Top 10 WWF Tag Teams of the '90s. Speaking of the WWF, Corey, of Martinsburg, Pa., sends us this clip in honor of Tax Day.

Madden 09 News

The Madden franchise has always been the standard for football video games, and the upcoming edition finally offers a long-overdue feature: You'll be able to control each player's touchdown celebration.

The Ultimate Distraction

Buge Hoobs offers 10 reasons why Tiger Woods didn't win the Masters. Actually, they're just posting 10 pictures of Tiger's attractive wife.

More 'Melo Trouble?
'Sheed Sings
Carmelo Anthony, La La Vazquez :: AP, Marlena Bielinska/SI

The drama surrounding Carmelo Anthony didn't end with his arrest for DUI. TMZ.com reports his wife, La La Vazquez, refused to pick up Anthony. So the officers drove 'Melo back to his hotel, and now they may be in trouble.

Dandy Dan

Patriots offensive lineman Dan Koppen has bounced back nicely from the team's devastating Super Bowl loss. He just married one of New England's cheerleaders.

So What Would Be The Opposing Pitcher's ERA?

Far be it for us to knock another Web site for glitches, but this one from ESPN.com is quite a doozy.

High Costs Not Your Biggest Problem At A Game

In what is easily the most disgusting story we've ever linked to, a Bruins fans was arrested during Sunday night's playoff game for, um, relieving himself in the stands -- and on people.

Today in Campus Clicks
'Sheed Sings
USC Song Girls :: Shelly Castellano/Icon SMI

Southern California's finest show off ... Chocolate Rain guy takes on Rick Rolling ... GW student starts Web site to find a date ... Here comes pizza-flavored beer ... Video: Prank of the Day -- Taser Chair.

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Sports/Real Or Fake Video Of The Day

Via Deuce of Davenport comes this slam-dunk attempt gone bad, real bad.

Before There Was Kobe Video Of The Day

There was this guy. (Thanks to R. J. Hines, of Pittsburgh, for sending us the link.)

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