April 26, 2007
Photo of the Day
TV Host Maria Menounos at Wednesday's premieire for "Kickin' It Old.:: Jesse Grant/WireImage.com
The Links...
Schill of Beans?
Was Curt Schilling's gutty performance in the 2004 World Series an act? Broadcaster Gary Thorne says Doug Mirabelli told him it was, and now the you-know-what is hitting the fan.
Cavaliers guard Larry Hughes won't let the playoffs stop him from partying on Saturday night. Even if he has games on Saturday and Monday.
Lots of Early-Bird Specials In His Future
A British man made a bet that he'd live to 100 years of age -- and won $50,000. Who says gambling doesn't pay?
The World's Most Beautiful People
To no one's surprise, Scarlett Johanson is one of the most beautiful people in the world.:: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com
That's the theme of this week's People magazine. Here's a gallery of 16 people who made the list.
Baked Beans Will Always Get You In Trouble
Actor Hugh Grant was arrested for throwing baked beans at a photographer.
Bad News for 30 Rock Fans
Is Alec Baldwin, the best part of the show about to leave? The embattled actor says he wants to.
Uniform Alert
The Philadelphia Eagles will wear throwback uniforms during one game this upcoming season. Jevon Kearse modeled them yesterday. Who knew the Eagles once resembled the UCLA Bruins?
Video of the Day
We'll Watch Anything with Jeremy Piven
The Entourage star takes on the NBA and Dwyane Wade in this ad. Props for mentioned the McRib, too.
Dancing Fool
New York Rangers forward Ryan Hollweg has an interesting way of getting ready for games. And his teammates look a little scared. Maybe it's because he's not wearing pants. (Thanks to Phil in San Jose, Calif., for the link)
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