April 28, 2008
The Family That Plays Together...
Larisa & Marisa Coy :: Stewart Shining/SI
These are twin sisters Larisa and Marisa Coy. The Houston Texans cheerleaders were featured in this year's SI Swimsuit issue. Their good fortune continued this past weekend when the new Texans cheerleading squad was announced. Both ladies made the squad, as did another pair of sisters. Meanwhile, a trio of sisters have made the Eagles' squad.
LeBron & Jay Z Vs. Soulja Boy & Stevenson

There's some big feud going on that involves LeBron James, DeShawn Stevenson, Soulja Boy, and now Jay Z. We haven't really followed the saga, because quite frankly, it's not as entertaining as the feuds that take place on Gossip Girl, but FanIQ has all the details, including the audio of Jay Z's new tune that disses Stevenson.

The Ultimate Draft?

Epic Carnival is so inspired by this weekend's NFL draft that it's holding an all-sports draft based on value, skill, age, upside, ability and marketability.

We Say Wear Them Proud

What are the 10 worst jerseys a sports fan can own? TheLoveOfSports.com has the list.

Remembering The Arcade Days
Shaquille O'Neal pinball machine, Muhammad Ali pinball machine

In one of the more original lists we've featured here, OnThe205th.com is looking back at the best celebrity-themed pinball machines of all time.

At Least It's A Vegetable

Sportswrap has photos and video of Joey Chestnut trying to break his world record of eating 8.6 pounds of deep fried asparagus in 10 minutes.

He Needs A New Nickname

It seems the years have taken a toll on "Iron" Mike Tyson.

Who Are The Experts?

SI.com challenged The Big Lead's commentors this past weekend to see who could correctly predict more NFL draft picks. Here are the results.

Long Story Short

NFL teams didn't have to stop with Jake and Chris. Jack's Sports Humor thinks we could've had a NFL draft with nothing but Longs.

Memorable First Impressions

The PopcornTrick.com uses a variety of categories, including action, sexiness and cheesiness to come up with the Top 25 Opening Credits of '80s television action shows.

Today In Campus Clicks

Notre Dame Students Spoon Like Champions ... Wonderlic winners and losers ... Meet the nation's hottest college student ... Hazing Goes Too Far? ... Video: Ralphie's Crazy Run.

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Sports Video Of The Day

One of the best baseball plays we've ever seen.

Storytime Video Of The Day

The title on this YouTube says, "Houston Guy Gets Free Beer For Life For Finding Stolen Bus." The video below explains the details. (Thanks to Bob Schamus, of Houston, for sending us the link.)

College Video Of The Day

Does this sound familiar to you? (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

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