April 30, 2008
Summer Games Preview
Heather Mitts :: Vince Bucci/Getty Images
There is nothing that can ever get us to watch the Olympics, but this post on the Legend of Cecilio Guante, titled, Olympians Worth Watching: Our Hottest Hopefuls, comes close.
He Walked Into A Buzzsaw

The big story in the sports blogosphere today is Deadspin.com creator Will Leitch getting attacked by author Buzz Bissinger, who clearly has some anger-management issues, on last night's Costas Now. Leitch gives his side of the story here.

OK, We'll Mention Clemens

Jeremiah Harrison, of Terre Haute, Ind., e-mailed us to say, "I'm surprised there hasn't been any snide remarks or anything on the whole Clemens-McCreedy goings-on." We haven't commented on it because 1) we figured there was enough coverage of it everywhere else, and 2) we just don't care. But our job is to provide you with the best links from around the Web, so it is our duty to present All Balls latest top 10 list: The 10 Hottest Alleged Sports Mistresses Of All Time. And if that isn't enough for ya, here's a little song about the Clemens-McCready saga by Ryan Parker.

The Coolest
Chris Cooley's shorts :: Courtesy of http://chriscooley47.blogspot.com

We told you last week that Chris Cooley's personal blog and blog on Yahoo! Sports are gonna be a must-reads. And if you didn't believe us, just check out the photo Cooley posted of his awesome shorts. (We found this over at http://misterirrelevant.com/.

Good News For The Nation

Lion In Oil has all the details on the latest dating site that caters to a niche audience: sexySOXgirls.com, which claims, "Sexy Sox Girls are to Red Sox Nation as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues are to Sports."

Don't Send Us The Hate Mail, Hockey Fans

TheOnion.com weighs in on hockey's lack of popularity and this one is almost too mean to be funny. Almost. (Thanks to Jordan, of Ontario, Canada for sending us the link.)

This Guy Must Love Attention

As if DeShawn Stevenson hasn't pissed off enough people by going after LeBron James, now comes this.

Child's Play

TopTenChicagoSports.com looks back at the Top 10 Kid Athletes in Movies. On a side note, we still can't believe Henry Rowengartner in Rookie of the Year later went on to become Kevin Myers in American Pie. (Warning: Second link contains strong language.)

Random Story Of The Day

Quinn, of San Jose, sent this one in, and it's a must-see. Apparently the new logo for the Office of Government Commerce is a bit risque.

Today In Campus Clicks
Elsa Benitez :: Stewart Shining/SI

Syracuse holds an undie run, Nevada students try to break mooning record ... What does quad party activity say about you? ... Obama plays hoops with Tar Heels ... Top 10 Heisman candidates for '08 ... Urban Meyer -- The College Years ... Video: Covering the Beatles -- with feet.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Via With Leather comes this video of Peyton Manning going insane on the sidelines.

Paula Abdul Video Of The Day

We haven't tuned into American Idol that much lately because the themes have been brutal. Over the past three weeks, the contestants have sung songs from Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Awful. Anyway, last night was Neil Diamond night, and since we're that cheesy, we tuned in (plus the Yankees were getting killed at the time). And we're glad we did. Check out Paula Abdul critiquing the contestants after they sang ONE song each. Remember, they only sang one song each until this point.

Fake-But-Still-Cool Video Of The Day

If you thought Kobe jumping over the moving car was impressive, check this out. (Thanks to Ryan Avila, of Yorktown, Ind., for sending us the link.)

Follow-Up Video Of The Day

Yesterday, we posted that old YouTube clip of the Evolution of Dance. Well, Barb, of San Francisco, sent us this clip, which covers the evolution of dance for many other people.

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