May 02, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Celebrating In Style
Jenna Jameson :: Katy Winn/Getty Images

We said yesterday that European soccer was the gift that keeps on giving. Here's more proof. Who did the Chelsea team party with after their big win against Liverpool on Wednesday? None other than Jenna Jameson. What allegedly took place at the party? According to this report from The Sun, raunchy dancing and the former porn queen getting kicked out of the club for doing drugs. We wonder if those bouncers would've tossed her if her boyfriend, MMA star Tito Ortiz, was there.

'There Is No Tomorrow!'

Pyle of List has the best Spurs-Hornets preview you'll ever read. Why? Because they breakdown the series by seeing how it relates to Rocky III.

MLB Music

Bugs & Cranks is so inspired by the Washington Nationals new theme song (with such creative lyrics as, "We're nuts (nuts!) about the Nats!/We're nuts about the Nats!/We're crazy 'bout the Nationals/And nuts about the Nats!") that it's penned songs for each Major League team.

Card Quiz
Barry Sanders, Bo Jackson :: Courtesy

A couple of weeks ago we linked to Mental Floss' baseball card quiz. Well, good news for those of you who need to kill time while not doing work. MF is back today with a football card quiz. And while we're remembering old football things, here's a list of the top 10 football video games of all time.

We'll Predict She Gets A Job Right Out Of College

There have been many predictions on who will be the next Erin Andrews. If anyone is going to come close, it'll be this reporter from Liberty University, discovered by Busted Coverage.

Thank Roger For This One

Flatusyahu comes up with some truly inspired guesses for future sports/celebrity jailbait possibilities. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Derby Doings

JoeSportsFan gives you 20 reasons to bet 20 horses in Saturday's Kentucky Derby. And this gives us a chance to link to our all-time favorite horse video.

This Sums Up The '80s

Just when we think we've seen every list that could possibly be made, comes up with this gem: Top 10 Feathered-Hair Wearers Of All Time.

Speaking Of Bad Hair... offers this photo gallery of 21 Bad Movie Hairdos.

Today In Campus Clicks
Arizona State cheerleaders :: Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography

Save the Arizona State cheerleading squad! ... Pitino snubs Caracter ... Northwestern hazing story ... Top eight college scandals of all time ... Will Battleship become an intramural sport at Nebraska? ... Video: High school principal does the Soulja Boy.

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Sports Video Of The Day

A reader let's us know that Adolf Hitler is not happy with the Canucks. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Bride Catches Fire Video Of The Day

She definitely won't forget her wedding day. (UPDATE, 10:52 a.m.: We've already heard from a couple of readers saying the female in the video isn't a bride, and the clip is from a birthday party. So we'll just say that she definitely won't forget her birthday party.)

7-Year-Old Joyrider Video Of The Day

We LOVE this kid. (Thanks to Matt, of New York, and Joe, of Hamilton, N.J., for sending us the link.)

Facebook Video Of The Day

To follow up on yesterday's Facebook spoof, Nihar, of Stratford, Conn., sends us this video on Facebook stalking.

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