May 05, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Cuthbert Likes Hockey Players
Elisha Cuthbert :: Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Elisha Cuthbert put Sean Avery on the sports map when she dated him. Can she do the same for current squeeze, Flames defenseman Dion Phaneuf. Even more pictures of Cuthbert with Phaneuf can be found here.

The Most Unbelievable Announcer Ever

You must click this.

The Women Of The Kentucky Derby

Even though most of the ladies are wearing those dumb, ugly hats, the Angry T's presentation of the female celebrities who attended the Derby is still work a look.

We Hope Clevelanders Are Hungry
LeBron James :: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Papa John's taunting LeBron James has resulted in 23-cent pizzas for folks in Cleveland.

We Bet They Stood Out In The Non-Existent Crowd

Bugs & Cranks has video of Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson shooting a movie during a recent Marlins game.

Going Out In Style

We've told you about coffins that now come fully decorated with your favorite team's logo. Well, this guy topped that. His coffin is in the shape of a Pabst Blue Ribbon can. (Thanks to Daniel, of Jacksonville, Fla, for sending us the link.)

Title Talk

It Ain't Intramurals reviews some 1980s pop culture novels and realized many of the titles could apply to today's sports world. (Thanks to Dave Simpson, of Phoenix, for sending us the link.)

Update On Survivor Tourney

A couple of weeks ago, we linked you to a tournament that was determining the hottest woman to be on Survivor. Well, they're now down to the Sweet 16.

Today In Campus Clicks
Minnesota cheerleaders :: Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography

University of Minnesota aces sexual health report card ... New trend in college housing ... Still looking for the nation's hottest athlete ... Harold and Kumar go to Penn ... Video: Trick billiards shot.

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Sports Video Of The Day

We've all seen the NBA ads that featured a split screen of two superstars. Here's one featuring the Manning brothers. (Thanks to Steve Young, of Mississauga, Ontario, for sending us the link.)

Will Ferrell/Shaq Video Of The Day

We have no recollection of this clip sent in by Scott, of Hollywood, Fla., so forgive us if it's made the rounds a lot.

Bizarre Commercial Of The Day

How else would a tire company pitch its product than by having a dog try to commit suicide after it catches it's significant other having sex with another dog? (Thanks to Jeremy Field, of Newark, Del., for sending us the link.)

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