May 09, 2007
Celebrity Photo of the Day
Lauren Bush attended Tuesday's Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People 2007 Dinner.:: Kevin Mazur/
The Links...
Tell Us How You Really Feel, Curt
Chatty Curt Schilling took a break from blogging to tell Boston's WEEI that Barry Bonds has "admitted cheating on his wife, cheating on taxes and cheating on the game." Of course Bonds hasn't admitted to doing any of those things. Maybe Schilling got Bonds confused with some of his former Arizona Diamondbacks teammates.
No Steak For You!
The night before the Kentucky Derby, O.J. Simpson went to a local steakhouse. However, the owner of the restaurant, maybe afraid of O.J. getting a knife in his hand, kicked out the disgraced figure.
Forgive Us, Brewers Fans
For those of you in the Milwaukee area, we should've brought you this story yesterday, so you could've scored free tickets to the Brewers game last night against the Washington Nationals.
And She's Not Even A Blond Anymore
Yesterday we brought you a picture of Jessica Simpson at an event in New York City on Monday night. Well, now there's video of the pop star getting into the wrong car the following morning.
As If He Need More Bad News
Falcons quarterback Michael Vick seems to be involved in one controversy after another, and now he's been outted as being a bad tipper.
Mets Get Scalped
Mets 3B David Wright shows off his new look.:: AP
Most of the players on the New York Mets shaved their heads before last night's game against the San Francisco Giants. At least reliever Billy Wagner has the right attitude about his new look.
Don't They Have Value Meals?
A South Carolina woman wanted a whopper. She ended up with an $8,000 bill.
Video of the Day
Manny Being Manny
Apparently Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez is fond, very fond, of teammate Julian Tavarez.
Remembering The 1991 Miami Dolphins
Reader Dave Walter from Raleigh, N.C. sent in the link to this video, and we can't thank him enough.
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