May 16, 2007
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We're Not Sure How It Happened...
But New York Giants Pro Bowler Michael Strahan has become major fodder for the city's tabloids. Today's New York Post reports that at a charity auction two guys outbid 13 women for a date with Strahan. The paper also breaks down a bizarre entourage that Strahan has joined.
More From The N.Y. Tabloids
It might be a good idea for athletes to stop making albums. It usually leads to trouble, and that looks to be the case with Mets outfielder Lastings Milledge.
Best Promotion Ever!
This is the best take we've seen on the Suns-Spurs series and all the controversy that's surrounding it -- and it's done in cartoon form.
Congratulations, Tony
Last week, the world was thrown into a tizzy when it was reported that Eva Longoria told Tony Parker "no sex until our wedding night." Well, Longoria has finally gone on the record and denied the story.
Honoring A Legend
Price is Right host Bob Barker is retiring in June after 35 years of hosting the program. The next two nights, CBS offers specials looking back at Barker's career. Here are The Top 10 Things We'll Miss About Bob Barker from VH-1's The Best Week Ever.
Are They Still "Just Friends"?
Tony Romo and Carrie Underwood at Tuesday's Academy of Country Music Awards.:: AP
Former American Idol winner Carrie Underwood took home two trophies at last night's Country Music Awards -- and she brought Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to the event.
This Looks More Interesting Than NASCAR
Could you push a sofa to 92 miles per hour? More important, why would you want to? Anyway, Deadspin has the story about a guy who broke the furniture land speed record.
Video of the Day
Best Soccer Goal Celebrations
Our favorite? Cristiano Lucarelli at the 1:12 mark.
Hilarious Celebrity Look-Alikes!
This is loaded with sports stars.
Last But Not Least
We already brought you one American Idol beauty from last night's Country Music Awards. Here's another: Kellie Pickler.::AP
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