May 17, 2007
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LA Story
Phil Jackson and Jeannie Buss at the premier of Spider-Man. .::Gregg DeGuire/WireImage
With the Lakers out of the playoffs, Phil Jackson can concentrate on more important things ... like the recent skirmish between his girlfriend (and Lakers vice-president) Jeannie Buss and her brother, Jim (the team's assistant general manager).
Young Man, There's No Need To Feel Down
We're not one to criticize A.J. Hawk and Brady Quinn, but we have a feeling they are regretting these pics from Hawk's wedding to Laura Quinn last March. Let's just say the Village People would be proud.
Steel Chair Politics
Ever catch a video of a Taiwanese parliament meeting when a brawl breaks out between officials who seem way too important to be fighting? Well, it turns out the fights are all staged to generate media attention. Vince McMahon would be proud.
The Simpsons have skewered everything from politics to sports over 399 episodes, but the show's producers were less than pleased with a parody called The O.J. Simpsons, which centers around the former football star.
Chicks Dig the Racing
Take a quick guess: What percent of NASCAR's audience are women? 15? 25? According to a recent survey, the answer is 40 percent. No word on whether racing enthusiast Patrick Dempsey (aka McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy) had anything to do with the tally.
A Rake and a Ho
Yesterday, we paid tribute to the legendary Bob Barker as he bids farewell to The Price is Right. Today, we bring you this hilarious clip from Jeopardy, in which Alex Trebek does his best Don Imus impersonation.
If All Else Fails ...
There's urine. At least, that's one option for the treatment of Josh Beckett's blister (excuse me ... "avulsion") on the right middle finger of his pitching hand.
Video of the Day
With so many games rained out last night, we thought this video of the best fights in MLB history would be a good way to start your morning.
Caruso The Great
If you still don't think David Caruso is the greatest actor of our generation, then this montage of CSI: Miami one-liners should convince you.
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