May 19, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
The Curse Of The Celebrity Girlfriend
Eliza Dushku :: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

As The Big Lead points out, with some strong evidence, the curse of the celebrity girlfriend has taken a toll on many athletes (Tom Brady, Matt Leinart and Carl Pavano to name a few) in recent years. The most current player to get struck by the affliction is Dodgers pitcher Brad Penny, who is a shell of what he was last season. And the reason for Penny's struggles? Clearly it has to be his breakup with Eliza Dushku.

You Can't Make This Up

Floyd Mayweather is being accused of making it rain at a Vegas nightclub -- with fake $100 bills. And how did the boxer get found out? Someone at the club took one of the c-notes and later tried to pay for gas with it -- only to get busted for using a counterfeit bill.

We Hope The Couch Was Comfortable

Few things will get you in more trouble than referring to your girlfriend by the wrong name. That's what happened recently to Kyle Busch. (UPDATE, 12:40 p.m.: Reader Rob of Fort Myers, Fla., e-mailed to let us know this clip is from 2006. But it's still highly amusing.)

Of Thongs And Hair Fire
Gold thong

Obviously, the weekend's biggest sports story was Jason Giambi's revelation that he -- and other Yankees -- wear a gold thong to help them bust out of slumps. But because that detail was so salacious, another gem from the story went unreported. When asked about his life after baseball, the slugger said, "As long as I can have a fast boat and a margarita machine and can light my hair on fire, I'll be just fine."

Together For Now

The Tony Romo-Jessica Simpson relationship is officially too complicated to follow. says the duo appeared to be going strong at Ashlee Simpson's wedding this past weekend. says the only reason Romo was even there was because Simpson's dad asked the QB to support the family. is on top of all this news and provides a very thorough timeline of all recent Romo-Simpson events.

Speaking Of Athlete-Celebrity Couples...

Reports say Kate Hudson is Lance Armstrong's latest conquest.

Make Up Your Mind

It was bad enough that Jerry Seinfeld claimed to be a huge Mets fan in real life while making the Yankees such an enormous part of his classic sitcom. But now the comedian has been snapped at Wrigley Field wearing a Cubs hat!

Today In Campus Clicks
Ohio State fans :: Doug Benc/Getty Images

Booze not big at Ohio State ... Scandal brewing at Kansas? ... Duke's Zack Greer continues to score ... Battle of the Commencement Speakers ... Video: Preakness Gone Wild.

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Sports Video Of The Day

A tune about Charles Barkley set to Kenny Rogers', The Gambler.

Soccer Video Of The Day

This video shows us the dangers of hitting the goalpost with a soccer shot. (Thanks to Ian, of Broomall, Pa., for sending us the link.)

Slingshot Video Of The Day

Jeff, of Newport Beach, Calif., e-mailed us the following video with a note that said, "This can't be safe. Enjoy." It can't be -- and we did.

Boys-Will-Be-Boys Video Of The Day

So this is what goes on in classrooms around the world these days... (Thanks to Jeff Zurek, of Livonia Mich., for sending us the link.)

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