May 22, 2007
Photo of the Day
Pistons guard Richard Hamilton goes to great lengths to prevent LeBron James from stealing the ball.:: AP
The Links...
The Diesel Does Bon Jovi has video of Shaquille O'Neal at a Las Vegas club singing along to what's probably the most classic song of the '80s, Livin' on a Prayer.
He Did This For Just $1,000?
Thanks for reader Stais Boseman of Hialeah, Fla., for sending along the link to this story about Florida Marlins pitcher Justin Miller, who has "I (heart) Billy Koch" tattooed on his butt.
Reliving American Gladiators
Ryan Corazza from Elmhurst, Ill. sent us a link to We Are the Postmen, who had some fun with a must-see video from the cult show. Gus Johnson and Kevin Harlan have nothing on the announcer in this clip.
We've All Done It
Seriously, who hasn't sent an IM or e-amil to the wrong person by accident? It's just one of those things that will happen to everyone at some point. It appears that it recently happened to an NFL assistant coach who accidently sent some -- big shocker here -- porn! to a few too many people.
A Live Dog?
If just watching American Idol tonight isn't enough for you and you need some extra interest, Jordin Sparks (daughter of former New York Giants defensive back Philippi Sparks) is a massive favorite over beat-boxer Blake Lewis.
It Pays To Party
Johnny Damon and his wife Michelle.:: AP
Yankees center fielder Johnny Damon didn't let the team's slump stop him and his wife Michelle from partying over the weekend. The late night seems to have had a good affect on New York's leadoff hitter, who is 4 for 9 with two runs scored and two RBIs in the two games since his night out.
New Michael Vick Revelations
The Onion takes on the embattled Falcons quarterback.
Video of the Day
Better Than The American Gladiators Stunt
Watch this kid dunk while using his teammates back as a boost.
Rick Astley Alert!
We started this edition of Hot Clicks with a classic '80s tune and we end it in the same fashion, Family Guy style.
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