May 23, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Lord Stanley And The Ladies
AJ Cook :: Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

Yesterday, we linked you to a gallery of Hayden Panettiere doing all sorts of inappropriate things to the Stanley Cup. Today, The World of Isaac comes through with a gallery of, in their words, "Hot Chicks With Lord Stanley," including Criminal Minds star, AJ Cook. In other Stanley Cup news, Stanley Cup won't be at the Stanley Cup Finals. (Thanks to Matt Fasnacht, of Pittsburgh, for sending us the link.) Update: 11:02 a.m.: Greg Kopycinski, of Pittsburgh, tells us that Stanley Cup WILL be at the Stanley Cup Finals.

Country Roads Clarification

Our inbox didn't get filled quite like it did during the Derek Jeter-John Mayer controversy, but it came close after yesterday's item about John Denver's Country Roads being played before Wednesday's Champions League final in Russia. Matt, of Pittstown, N.J., Mike, of Irvine, Calif., and Ephraim, of Logan, Utah, all explained that Manchester United's theme song is United Road, and as Matt told us, "it's sung to that tune, Take me home, United Road! To the place, I belong! To Old Trafford, to see United! Take me home, United Road!" Ephraim was even kind enough to provide this Wikipedia entry on it. Jeff Scheid, of Lakewood, Ohio, and A.J. Board, of Arlington, Va., also let us know that Country Roads is a huge Oktoberfest tune, and provided this YouTube and this one, respectively. And now we will officially have this song in our heads all weekend!

A List And A Challenge

Saturday Night Live wrapped up its season last week, but that hasn't stopped All Balls from putting together a list of the top 10 athlete performances from the show. And we're glad they did because this gives us a chance to ask you guys for help. We've always wanted to rewatch the Derek Jeter's Taco Hole skit, but it's not on YouTube -- or anywhere else for that matter. If you can find a link to the video and e-mail it to us, there's an SI Swimsuit calendar and possibly some other junk goodies in it for you. (UPDATE: 11:33 a.m.: Chris Chaffin, of Charlotte, N.C., was the first person to come through with a link to this filing sharing site where you can download the clip. If anyone else can come through with a link directly to the video, please send it.)

Fashion Faux Pas
Photo Courtesy of

You know Zubaz pants will be somewhere on this list of the Top 10 Worst Sports Fashion Trends.

Nothing Says Family Fun At The Ballpark Like...

Larry Craig "Bobblefoot Day", which will take place this Sunday when the Fort Worth Cats take on the St. Paul Saints in Minnesota.

Congrats, Cooley

Chris Cooley is getting married tonight, and he explains what life has been like with his cheerleader girlfriend as only he can.

Good News For Willie Randolph

At least he's not on this list of the Top 10 Worst Movie Managers.

You Can Judge An Album By It's Cover is looking at the 27 Best Album Covers of All Time -- and by "best," we mean absurd, comical and ridiculous. (Thanks to David H., of Denver, for sending us the link.)

If You Don't Like Coffee, You Will

With Starbucks' profits down, they may want to check this out for some inspiration.

Today In Campus Clicks
Florida fans:: Bill Frakes/SI

How to get 90,000 people to wear your T-shirt ... The downside of pie tossing ... Tebow no longer the top athlete at Florida ... Ultimate frisbee championships ... Video: CSI Gainsville.

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Sports Video Of The Day

This made our night, so indulge us. Things pick up at the 25-second mark.

WNBA Video Of The Day

Did you know WNBA Live 2008 was coming out? (Thanks to Brandon, of Denver, for sending us the link.)

Banned Commercial Video Of The Day

A gem from Bud Light.

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