May 29, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Entourage Suggestions
Emmanuelle Chriqui :: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

With news coming out last week that Phil Mickelson has filmed a cameo for the upcoming season of Entourage, suggests five more celebrities, including another sports star, who should appear on the show. We say scrap all cameos and guest stars and just make sure Emmanuelle Chriqui, a.k.a., Sloan, is in each and every episode.

This Will Make You Hungry has put together the NFL's All-Food Team.

Banner Post

The Dukes of Awesome have put together the most thorough and comprehensive post you'll ever see on sports banners and the art of raising a sports banner.

Maul The Mascots wants to see bad things happen to these five MLB mascots. Just make sure you check out No. 3.

Juuuuust A Bit Outside
Bob Uecker: Major League

Just when you think every sports movie list has been done, Rumors & Rants compiles the Top 10 Announcers In Sports Movies

These Will Fly Off The Shelves

Have you heard about the new sideline reporter swimsuit calendars? The Angry T has the scoop.

More Patheticness From MLB

This story, sent to us by Jeremy, of Boston, is from March, so can someone please let us know if MLB came through with the $100K for the Cape Cod League.

He Loves To What?

You must check out this Q&A with Bert Blyleven just to see the shirt he is wearing in one of the photos.

When Sports Isn't Enough

Even though he just turned in a stellar performance on Flavor Flav's sitom, Under One Roof, Terrell Owens still doesn't crack this list of the Top 10 Athletes Gone Hollywood.

Summer Songs Countdown Continues is up to Nos.50-26.

Today In Campus Clicks
Kristin Davis:: AP

SIOC's ideas for the summer ... Checking in with the good looking people at ASU ... Partying with grandpa ... Trouble in Hoya land? ... Video: Ohio State Channels .

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Sports Video Of The Day

Where does this rank on the list of worst first pitches ever thrown?

Ballboy Video Of The Day

This is how good things are going for the Rays these days. (Thanks to David Spitzer, of Melbourne, Fla., for sending us the link.)

Wii Of The Day

Kevin P. of East Lansing, Mich., sent us the following clip with this note: "Nintendo Wii is great. Apparently this is what happens when you get it for your girlfriend ... and it's definitely worth it!"

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