May 30, 2007
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Who Knew Tony Romo Was In Such Demand?
Jessica Simpson.:: Jeff Vespa/
According to this report, Jessica Simpson's "camp" is trying to set her up with Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. We wonder what Romo's current squeeze, Carrie Underwood, would have to say about that?
A Headline For The Ages
On the the cover of today's New York Post is a very important news story -- Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez was seen at a strip club with a "mysterious blonde." The best part, however, is the headline on the column that accompanies the cover story.
Make Up Your Mind, Kobe
First Kobe Bryant said he wanted to be traded. Then he said he didn't want to be traded. And now yesterday he went on an L.A. radio show and dropped a few more bombs, including saying that the Lakers are a mess.
Full Moon = Sellout
Normally Bat Day or Cap Day guarantees a sellout at a baseball stadium. In Korea, it took a former home run champ to promise to run around the stadium in his boxers if the SK Wyverns could sell out Munhak Stadium.
Terminate Celebrity Interviews
Awful Announcing has a clip of Arnold Schwarzenegger being interviewed by Don Cherry during Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. This segment basically sums up everything that's wrong with sports on television these days. Schwarzenegger says nothing, has nothing to do with hockey, plugs some political stuff and then Cherry caps off the interview by making it about him. Rant over.
"Some People Will Think It's Tasteless"
It's hard to be surprised by what reality shows cook up these days. However, the premise for a new Dutch program might be a little over the top: People will compete against each other for ... a new kidney.
The Cover Jinx Isn't Enough
EA Sports is going all out in hopes of making Madden '08 as real as possible.
WWF '80s Nostalgia
Here's a six-minute clip detailing just how crazy the Ultimate Warrior was.
Video of the Day
A Little Too Up Close And Personal
There's all sorts of inappropriate contact during this dunk.
I'd Buy Their Product After Seeing This
Reader Katie R. of Dallas sent us the link to this educational commerical.
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