May 31, 2007
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Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez.:: Richard Corman/SI
Things are getting hairy for Stray-Rod. Yesterday, photographs showed him enjoying an evening with a buxom blonde not named Mrs. Rodriguez. Today, it's the Daily News that the the All-Star third-basemen makes it a habit of frequenting Gentleman's Clubs and sets his sights on the "she-male, muscular" type. On the field, the Blue Jays are peeved at A-Rod for his exploits during last night's game.
The Bush Chronicles
Reggie Bush may be facing a mountain of problems for allegedly receiving extra benefits while at USC, On the bright side, he still appears to be going strong with the beautiful Kim Kardashian.
Kobe's Timing
With all the talk about a potential Kobe Bryant trade out of Los Angeles, You Been Blinded points out the guard's penchant for stealing the spotlight from other, more noteworthy events. Coincidence or not? You decide.
BoSox Bloggers
Kevin Youkilis.:: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
If you couldn't get enough of Curt Schilling's writing, Kevin Youkilis has officially entered the blogosphere. And he wants you to help give his blog a name.
Golf, Beautiful Golf
We aren't sure whether or not we'll watch this weekend's Memorial Classic in Dublio, Ohio, but this women of golf gallery has suddenly made us much bigger fans of the sport.
Rocket Launcher Speaks
How would you feel if you were a Single A prospect and hit a homerun against Roger Clemens during one of the Rocket's minor league tune-ups? Eric Lis of the Ft. Myers Miracle discussed the event with Bugs and Cranks.
Nigerian Nightmare of a Career Decision
If you miss watching former Chiefs RB Christian Okoye steamroll over NFL defesnes, be sure to tune into the debut of ABC's Pirate Master, where (if you couldn't figure out by the title of the show), the Nigerian Nightmare tries his hand at being a pirate. Yes, you read that correctly ... a pirate.
Video of the Day
And the Winner Is...
This 1986 promotional video for Glasgow Diamonds football team was voted best football music video by CBS Television, which begs the questions: "Why did CBS television hand out an award for best football music video? (thanks to James Cavanagh from Oxford, England for the tip.)
Bronson on Stage
Bronson Arroyo is scheduled to pitch tonight against the Astros, but if you really want to see him shine, check out this performance of Oasis' Wonderwall from Redsfest 2006.
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