June 02, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Cheerleaders Work In The Offseason, Too
Eagles cheerleaders :: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Forgive us for highlighting cheerleaders in this space for a second consecutive day, but it had to be done because 1) the Eagles squad is headed to Iraq to entertain the troops, and 2) we found this news on a relatively new blog titled "Girls That Cheer," and we figured you'd want to bookmark it.

Non-Sports Magazine Wrecks Havoc On Sports

We've all heard of the Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx, and recently we told you about the SI Swimsuit Couples Jinx. Now, JoeSportsFan breaks down the Time magazine cover jinx.

Cashing In On Hillary

We don't know if they'll be in demand as much as the old Billy Ripken F---face card was when we were kids, but apparently Upper Deck released -- and now pulled back -- some "Hillary Clinton edges Barack Obama" baseball cards. Meanwhile, The Love of Sports has great timing, because they just put together a list of Sports' Top 10 Error Cards.

You MUST Check This Out
Adam Bender, Courtesy of HeraldLeaderPhoto.com

Nothing we write will do this justice. Just click here. (Thanks to Scott Porter, of Georgetown, Ky., for sending us the link.) UPDATE, 12:50 p.m.: Apparently the link above is not working. Here's a story on this amazing 8-year-old kid named Adam Bender.

Tired Tunes

ThePutdown.com lists the seven lamest arena anthems.

Royal Disappointment

Kansas City recently tried to add a superstar pitcher to its rotation, but the deal fell through at the last minute.

Wii Bit Of Trouble

Last Thursday, we posted a video of a woman using the Wii Fit. The woman wasn't exactly fully dressed, but her boyfriend decided to record anyway. Well, now she's pissed off -- sort of. (Thanks to Joe, of Bossier City, La., for sending us the link.)

Still Survivin'

We've periodically updated you on Cuzoogle's Babes of Survivor Tournament, so we thought you'd want to know that it's finally down to the finals.

Today In Campus Clicks
Gwyneth Paltrow :: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The majors of several top celebrities ... Bye Bye, Taryne ... Weis in trouble ... Tebow T-shirts ... Hillary owes Indiana ... America's Unhealthiest Drinks ... Video: Ron Zook Sings.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Last week, we posted a video of a fan running on to the field and escaping security guards at every turn. The guy below didn't have the same luck at Fenway Park. (Thanks to Eric, of Long Beach, N.Y., for sending us the link.)

'80s Video Of The Day

A few of the era's legendary movies are spoofed here. (Thanks to Torello, of Jacksonville, Fla., for sending us the link.) .

Road Hazard Video Of The Day

This clip, titled, "The Most Amazing Accident On Road Produced By Rain" is old and has more than four million views on YouTube, but we just saw it for the first time thanks to Adam, of Los Angeles.

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