June 05, 2007
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Amazing Amanda
Amanda Beard.:: courtesy of Playboy
You asked for it, you got it -- the first look at soon-to-be Playboy cover girl (and former Olympic gold medalist) Amanda Beard. If you're wondering what the fuss is about, check out pics of Beard from the 2005 SI Swimsuit issue.
The Man, The Genius, The TV Star?
New York Jets head coach Eric Mangini talks about being on this past Sunday's episode of the The Sopranos and eating at Vesuvio.
A-Rod And His Jeans
Only A-Rod (owner of the richest contract in sports) could take last week's scandal and make it profitable for one company (thanks to The Big Lead for the tip).
Durant The Weak?
Think you've got the body of an NBA star? Well, if you can bench press 185 pounds one time, you're already stronger than Kevin Durant.
So You Think You Can Dance?
Like America, Obesity is a problem in China. Unlike America, the Chinese think forcing children to dance will solve this problem.
Will We See Too Much Tyson?
Mike Tyson.:: Tom Casino/WireImage
Just when you thought Mike Tyson couldn't get any stranger, the former heavyweight champion tells ABC News he'd like to be a Hollywood, check that ... BOLLYWOOD, movie star.
My Bad
Good news to all Danish fans who want to hurt the fan who attacked the referee during the weekend's Denmark-Sweden matchup, causing the ref to abandon the match (which will likely result in Demark missing next year's Euro 2008). He is sorry.
Video of the Day
Does this mean we should all start wearing a cup to the ballpark?
Heads Up
Funny video ... though we're not sure why someone was doing color commentary for a pick-up game.
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