June 11, 2007
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Chad Johnson Beats A Horse
Chad Johnson.:: AP
It was a busy weekend for the Bengals Pro Bowl wide receiver. First, he beat a horse in a race (one caveat: he was given a 100-meter head start), and then he challenged athletes in other sports to various contests.
Speaking Of Chad Johnson...
SportsWrap takes a look at how he and several other athletes in the news would look on relevant movie posters.
More Trouble For The NBA
Ratings for the NBA Finals have been in the toilet and now bookmakers in Las Vegas are publicly detailing how and which games were tanked by teams trying to get in better position for the draft lottery.
Summing Up The Sopranos
Not only have the NBA Finals been a disaster for LeBron James, but all of his predictions for The Sopranos' series finale turned out to be wrong. And LeBron wasn't the only one way off base. Nobody saw that ending coming and the show's viewers were so unhappy they crashed HBO's Web site.
Grading Athletes Musical Endeavors
Peter Gammons.:: AP
Via The Big Lead comes this link to a blogger who evaluates the musical careers of Bernie Williams, Bronson Arroyo, Peter Gammons and many other figures from the sports world.
College Football In June
Which school is the favorite to win the 2008 BCS title game? The odds just came out, and the aptly named site, The Wizard of Odds, has them.
This Beats Tossing A Cap Into The Air
An Ohio school came up with an, um, interesting, idea for their sixth graders graduation ceremony -- give them gin.
Wii Bit Dangerous
If you've experienced any pain in your shoulder after playing Nintendo's Wii video game, the diagnosis is pretty simple: you're suffering from "Wiiitis."
Video of the Day
Roger Federer Sings Tina Turner
Quality is poor, but it's still a sight to be seen.
Beer Here
The things people will do for a beer...
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