June 13, 2007
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Kellie, Kellie, Kellie
American Idol's bubbly Kellie Pickler has officially become a staple in the sports world. Last night, she sang the national anthem at the Mariners-Cubs game. You can YouTube it here (at the 4:20 mark). And listen for the line from announcer Bob Brenly right after she finishes: "She was a big hit down in that third base dugout before the ballgame."

And as we told you a couple of weeks ago, she's dating Nashville Predators right winger Jordin Tootoo. Now, she's talking about the relationship.

Kellie Pickler
Worst Of The Best
The Feed looks at the 20 worst Major League Baseball players who have won postseason awards.
What The #$*!?
A Singapore soccer team has cut one of its players because he cursed.
Ditka Still Fighting
Chicago talk radio seems to be a hotbed for trouble. The latest incident involves the popular Bears coach and one of his former players, Dave Duerson. The two engaged in a heated verbal battle on the radio yesterday over the NFL Players Association's treatment of former players.
The NBA Finals Have Sucked, But...

Kenny Smith, Vince Carter, Craig Sager :: Arnold Turner/WireImage.com
The ladies at "Leave the Man Alone" have found something interesting about the postseason -- the unique and sometimes outrageous fashions sported by the people associated with the league. Here is their round-up, which we loved just for the a New Edition/Cool It Now reference.
What's In The Florida Water?
Miami and Florida State have dubious reputations when it comes to off-the-field antics. Some would say on the field, too. Should the Florida Gators be lumped in with their in-state brethren? It's hard to say no after reading the laundry list of trouble Gator players have recently gotten into.
Sergeant Slaughter Speaks
The DC Sports Bog has a ton of quotes from the wrestling legend, who riffs on whether the WWE is worried about competiting with the UFC, his resemblance Bill Cowher, which MLB Hall of Famer was a huge fan of his, which NBA superstar could be a pro wrestler and much more.
If There's One Awards Show You'll Watch...
Make sure it's Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards, airing this Sunday. The highlight of the show? Carmen Electra doing a striptease.
Video of the Day
You Have To See This To Believe It
Watch this dude etch a sketch LeBron James:
Sopranos Spinoff
Check out The Walnuts:
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