June 15, 2007
The Links
Boys Will Be Boys
When the College World Series begins, and the youngsters are thrown into the sports spotlight, appearing numerous times on national television, managers have some concerns about how their teams will handle the experience.

Apparently for Louisville Cardinals skipper Dan McDonnell, his biggest worry is having his players act "too cool and macho" around ESPN's Erin Andrews. But can he really blame them? (Thanks to SportsByBrooks for the link)

Erin Andrews
Rob Tringali/SportsChrome
Money Matters
Forbes has released its annual list of the 100 most powerful-- and best-paid -- celebrities. To no one's surprise, Oprah tops everyone, while seventeen athletes appear on the chart.
No Wonder They Left It Behind
After the Yankees completed their three-game sweep of the Diamondbacks yesterday afternoon, someone on Arizona's staff left the team's scouting report on the dugout floor.
Maybe Tennis Players Should Wear Cups
Lion in Oil has some must-see pictures of tennis player Marc Gicquel after he sustained an injury that will make all men cringe just a little bit.
Tony Parker Is Doing Well

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria.:: AP
You have to envy a guy who is engaged to Eva Longoria and wins the NBA Finals MVP award. Teammate Brent Barry feels that way and even dreams of being Parker.
Saban Doesn't Come Cheap
The Wizard of Odds has a ton of details into how much it has cost Alabama to bring in Nick Saban.
What Do Bill Clinton and Shaq Have In Common?
Hopefully, not this.
In Honor Of Father's Day
Entertainment Weekly looks at the best bad dads on television.
Still Talkin' Sopranos
On the heels of this new site, titled "Tony is Dead," the New York Daily News caught up last night with James Gandolifini and other Sopranos cast members. Gandolfini's take on the show's final scene: "I have no idea what happened to Tony." Maxim, however, does know what happened to Tony.
Video of the Day
Amazing LeBron
His team could've used some shots like these:
Grandmother Does A Keg Stand
This is just wrong. (If video isn't showing up for you, click here.
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