June 20, 2007
The Links
Mitts On The Market

A.J. Feely and Heather Mitts.:: AP
Soccer star Heather Mitts has finally confirmed that she and Eagles quarterback A.J. Feeley are no longer a couple. We're sorry, A.J.
Who Exactly Makes Up The Royals Fan Base?
The Kansas City Royals want fans to vote for a song the team can use as their signature seventh-inning stretch tune. Among the 10 songs you can vote on: Last Dance by Donna Summer, Dancing Queen by ABBA and The Limbo.
Sorry, World Cup fans
Your chance to buy some World Cup "air" -- yes, air -- from the 2006 event in Germany has gone kaput.
Top 30 Villains in a Sports Movie
Why is Jon Voight in Varsity Blues not on this otherwise excellent list?
Best And Worst NBA Draft Picks

Michael Olowakandi.:: AP
FanIQ blog ranks the 10 worst NBA Draft picks of the past 10 years and the 10 Best NBA Draft picks of the past 10 years. (Thanks to Jason Kent of Chicago for the links)
How Many Times Was He Told "Down In Front"?
A Pennsylvania teenager last weekend went to the inaugural minor league game at Sovereign Bank Stadium, so he did what anyone would do -- sit in EACH of the ballparks 5,200 seats.
Fun With Signs
We always get a kick out of fans who spell things wrong on signs they bring to ballgames. Deadspin has a couple of a classics from the College World Series.
The 100 Worst Cover Songs
Pop culture Web site, retroCrush.com, has the list -- sorta. For some reason it stops at No. 46. But it's still worth a look. Here's a sneak peek: Coming in a No. 100 is Bill Cosby's version of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Need we say more?
A New Twist On Racing?
Will jockeys be phased out for ... robots? As noted by this concerned blogger, it's already happening in other countries that have camel racing. (Thanks to Geoff Bough of Los Altos, Calif., for the link)
Video of the Day
Cool Basketball Shot
From a moving jeep... (Thanks to Hoffman of Burlington Vt., for the link):
Yet Another Sopranos Spoof
This one comes courtesy of AOL Fanhouse. The Boise St.-Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl classic gets the quick-ending treatment.
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