June 21, 2007
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Watch Out, Danica

Ingrid Vandebosch.:: Theo Wargo/WireImage
Congrats to Jeff Gordon and his wife (and model), Ingrid Vandebosch on the birth of their daughter, Ella, on Wednesday. And much like Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin, who welcomed their first child earlier this week, let's hope the baby looks more like mom than dad.
Baseball's Most Brittle
On one extreme, there is Cal Ripken's remarkable streak of 2,362 consecutive games. On the other are these players who make up Bugs and Cranks' Anti-Ripken team.
One More Reason to Miss the '80s
In reviewing the 10 most unintentionally funny TV theme songs, we just have one question: Why did anyone watch Who's the Boss? Oh yeah, now we remember.
Top 10 Singing Moments in Comedy Movies
If those theme songs didn't get your juices flowing, these Top 10 singing moments In comedy movies should do the trick.
Big Hitters

John Daly:: AP
If any sport needs to toughen its policy against performance-enhancing drugs, it's baseball golf. Especially after watching Tiger Woods parade around the U.S. Open in a awkward tight pink shirt.
Not Quite the Solution ...
The brains at the NHL finally have a solution to the league's shrinking ratings -- new uniforms.
Good news for those concerned about the life-sized figurine of Homer Simpson that was stolen from a Malaysian movie theater. It's been found.
Brian Loves Lance
No, that wasn't Lance Briggs on the field during Bears mini-camp yesterday. it was Brian Urlacher wearing a Briggs jersey. Practical joke or show of solidarity? You decide.
Video of the Day
Coming to a TV Near You?
Yesterday, we brought you Bob Barker's SportCenter audition. Today, we bring you Ron Burgandy's.
Soon-to-be Daytime Emmy Winners?
Meet the Brewers -- first place in the NL Central and daytime TV stars.
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